Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Recap: Mission - December

Sweet month. Great way to end an overall great year.

Mail Christmas cards! KACHOW! You bet I did.
Laugh every day. DOUBLE KACHOW! It amazes me how laughter has a way of changing everything.
Treasure the beauty and magic in the season. I have absorbed so much. Beauty. Magic. Love.
Put the finishing touches on some very very special holiday presents. I sure did. Tears and all.
Shake the house up a drop. Shook it all up with the sights and smells of Christmas.
Connect with my super camera. With my fingers still tingling from the excitement, I certainly have learned a few things with this puppy.
Reconnect with my point-and-shoot. I had it, I've touched it. It has pictures on the memory card. Now if only I could remember where I set it down. Oh point-and-shoot, yoooooo hooooooo, where are you? Can I at least get a hot or cold on this one....please!
BACK UP PICTURES! ==sigh==It's coming. Just as soon as I get the files from the point-and-shoot. Yoooooooo Hoooooooo, where did you go?
Prepare for 2009. I'm developing a plan. In the works. Cooking. Coming right up. I'm really excited about things in the new year.
Keep on track of the textbooks. Poop on this. December wasn't the month to stay on top. January is a great month to catch up.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Craptastic and Whys

*Warning: this post contains profanity. Kindly stop reading now or please do not be offended.*
Craptastic. That sums up today. Thanks December 30, 2008. I'm glad there will be just one of you in my life.
Why didn't I listen to the little voice inside that told me to stay in bed this morning? Why didn't I take the cue from the shit coffee that I made? Why didn't I listen to the weather dude that said it felt like -36 after the wind blew the skin off my bones? Why did I think leaving the house today was in order? Why is my Christmas tree still up! Why am I feeling so miserable and rushed and out of breath and exhausted?
Let's change it up. Switch directions.
Dear Christmas Tree, by morning you will be mere branches in a box.
Dear Textbooks - both of you, by Jan 11 will be my bitches!
Dear House in Chaos, by Jan 2 you will have order.
Dear Dog, thanks for being cool.
Dear Cat, thanks for reminding me that bursts of energy happen to all of us.
Dear Children, stop growing so fast. Take my hands and let's simply stroll.
Dear Sister, please don't go. I'm nowhere near ready.

Coffee, What Happened?

I have been making some pretty delicious coffee lately. The kind of coffee that makes you want another cup and warms you to your toes. This morning - ACK! - this stuff is gross. Tastes like refiltered water with a splash of nasty in it. I'm going to brew a pot of tea and pour this crap out. Yuck!
Low key around here today. Not too much on the agenda. Some laundry (does it ever end?), some boxes need to be stashed away, a tree is still staring at me from the front window. Photos need to be edited. I have a test to take and think today is a good day to roll it out. Economics now. Let's rock this!
I'm ready.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

All wrapped up

And so Christmas with all its excitement has passed. We had fun. We laughed and cried. Those two extremes make everything worth doing. I got KIWI JAM! It was homemade especially for me. Homemade is the way to my heart. Thanks! Three cheers for no returns for us. HIP HIP HOORAY!
We're busy making space around here. Finding homes for gifts. Washing new clothes and preparing small clothes for an adventure out of here. The Christmas tree might just come down.
So nice.
So much love.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sparkling Snow

Last night I went out for a brisk walk with my dogfew, Rookie. I was not at all dressed for the occasion but the spontaneity of the moment made it worth it. We trotted along the sidewalk, him in his glory bouncing along, me becoming concerned with the crisp air that was nipping at my cheeks. There was a twinkle in the air. On our way back home, I noticed the sparkle on the snow. It glistened just so that the magic of Christmas could be felt way down deep.
All too often we get caught up in so many things that don't matter to us much later on. That moment that stopped me to see the sparkling snow gave me back my ready. Now, my ready is good. Let's make the moments left of this season count.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Doodling on the Life's Wallpaper

I was directed to this last year. Ali Edwards is fantastic. I've been thinking about words for the past week. So many keep cycling through my mind. So many that are great. I'm leaning strongly towards one perfect one, though.
For 2008, my word was ready. It has kept me focused, kept me motivated, and pulled me through a few snags, stalls, and detours through year. Thanks Ready! You will always be a part of me. Watch for the unveiling of my 2009 word towards the very end of this month or very early January.
I'm filling in pages of a journal to keep me on track with goals, achievements, growth for the coming new year. I'm developing a plan. I'm making my lists. I'm getting ready.
With just a shake more than a week left in 2008, let's do this. FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Quarter Cup

That's what I'm running on today. How long before I crash? A quarter cup of sleep because my mind raced all evening and night.
For now I'm off. Let's do this, I'm ready.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Singing Sweet Songs

That's what we're doing around here these days. We're moving along with the melodies that warm the chill the in the air. There are still things that need to be done, some important, some urgent, and just a few EMERGENCY!
Yesterday was Steven's first Christmas concert. A whole bunch of kids, even more parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends sitting in tiny wee little chairs watching with glowing eyes and pride kissed cheeks. Oh, to be young again.
Today was a four month check up and booster for our baby. I love her and the guilt trip wail that she has mastered. Such a sweet little child. Oh the days to come...
Now it's back to the book I'm working on. Christmas, Dude, for real I'm enjoying this more than I ever have. Please let me live these moments just a touch longer.
Slow down, Father Time, there really is no rush. I'm ready.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Shivers and Chills

Today was an inside day around this place. It was perfect. We played, ate, cleaned, danced, laughed.
I can't remember at all where I found this snippet but it has been weighing in on my mind and my heart these days.

Are you ready to make it all worth it? I am.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shopping and Icicles

Frozen inside a world that continues moving. That's what it feels like right now. Happily, I announce that being out in the cold is making my skin that much thicker and for that, I can be thankful. -40 something with the wind today and there was busy me scampering around the city loving every minute that I spent with my sister. Two nuts playing a really bizarre parking game - which was finally won on try #3 - laughing, living, loving. Some day my sweet sister will learn the accomplishment of completing the seasonal shopping pre-December 1.
While the shopping is complete, there are a few projects that need finishing touches. There are also a few that need to be started entirely. For tonight, though, I'm going to rock my baby girl, snuggle with my super son, and whisper away to bed.
I am ready.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


That's what it feels like I'm doing these days. A drained skeleton of me walks, recharges, reinvents.

I know I'm sure ready.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mission: December

Three cheers to ring out 2008 with class!
It's a short list this month for missions. They are pretty big ideas.
  1. Mail Christmas cards!
  2. Laugh every day.
  3. Treasure the beauty and magic in the season.
  4. Put the finishing touches on some very very special holiday presents.
  5. Shake the house up a drop.
  6. Connect with my super camera.
  7. Reconnect with my point-and-shoot.
  9. Prepare for 2009.
  10. Keep on track of the textbooks.

Let's go, December. I'm feeling you. Ready!

*A rather nasty funk scrambled all the pictures I had from Kamila's birth. If you have any saved, please send them my way. A VERY HARD LESSON LEARNED!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Whoa! Whoa! Easy!!!

December, I know you might be in a rush to run away on us all but PLEASE SLOW DOWN!

Missions are coming. I'm getting ready!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Recap: Mission - November

I certainly sucked at keeping the blog rolling this month. Let's have a peek at how my missions did.
Celebrate Kamila's Baptism. You bet we did. It was perfect. Beautiful. Fantastic.
Plan the next camera investment. I'm really trying here! I know the one that I want. I'm trying to find a "deal" and I'm trying to wait hoping the price might come down just a slice.
Print pictures. Print pics I did! Organized, semi-distributed, boxed, framed. Sweetness!
Prepare Christmas cards...WOO HOO! 50% here. I have the cards and the pics that go in the cards. The ones that need to be sent to Europe are stamped and ready for mailing (before the Dec 8 deadline...WOO HOO!).
Start the decorating. 'Tis the season! I absolutely have. The tree is up and twinkling in the window. The Father Christmas is out of the box and looking pretty right where I put him. Presents are already wrapped and arranged under the tree. Sugar cookie candles, manicure scrubs, pedicure scents, cinnamon pine cones, stockings...the list could keep going on this one.
Swap around the shoes and jackets to fit the season. Flip flops and strappy sandals need to go away for a while. Hmmm, I haven't worn any flip flops or strappy sandals this month. I haven't put them away either. Tackle this first thing in the morning.
Cycle through my clothes. If it's not being worn and not going to be worn again, thanks for being mine for a while but it's time to move out. OK, sort of. There are a few very nice pieces that I've passed along to people who I know really appreciate them. There is a whole bag full that still needs to be reviewed again. Am I really going to wear the stuff? Do I really need the stuff?
Bike for a minimum of 30 minutes every day. I will say Adios to at least 15 lbs before the calendar shows me another "30". 30 minutes every day was a stretch but I did get my tail up onto that seat a few times every week. 15 is a closer number to the lbs that are still attached to my ass rather than ones that I've said Adios to. I'm working on it. Slow and steady...remember the tortoise...
Holiday baking. Sugar cookies. Dream cookies. I'm going to see about snapping up Grandma Kay's recipe. Maybe I'm going to try butter tarts again. Marshmallow kisses. Google, watch out. I'm on this mission. Poop. I missed this one. It's all right, though. December is upon us.
Organize my course strategy. 20 hrs per week is essential. 'nuff said here.
Organize a 2009 calendar. Get those important dates up there. You bet I have. Cathedrals will showcase the important dates throughout the year. Important, of course, being birthdays, anniversaries, etc. NOT bills, pay days, etc.
Celebrate birthdays!!! Fantastic ones were had. Our niece, both our fathers, my sweet and wonderful friend. Birthdays are so much fun.

So that's the scoop. I think I've done well. Lots of fun, tonnes of beauty, a larger space in my heart is filled. Thanks November! I had a great time with you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


That's about how it's going lately. There are piles and piles of stuff that need attention. There are plans to be made, things to be mailed, computers to set up. Meh.
There are two beautiful children that are being loved wholly and I'm enjoying that more than any stuff that I could be busy with. They are at the top of my priority list right now and they are what matters most.
KNOCK! KNOCK! That's what I keep hearing at the door in my mind. I've peeked through the peephole and it's Christmas waiting to come in. I feel it coming. The sounds, scents, family, fun, and beauty of the season is coming to our house. Feel it. Live it. Be it. With the new addition this year, I've really been thinking about traditions. What are some of yours? I'm working on ours. I want these children growing knowing what they are. I want to know what they are. I'm not talking about the standard cranberry sauce and turkey kind. But rather, the special things, the little things that just add that extra little bit of special to the season. One of ours is Santa arriving and leaving a trail of little presents from the bedroom all the way down the hall leading up to the tree. Score one for Mommy and Daddy sneaking a few extra minutes in bed that morning. Score ten for sweet Steven who joyfully screams with each new discovery while rallying an elephant herd to bring it to our room and bounce on the bed while ripping the wrapping paper apart. Shake awake on Christmas day. Yes, love it all!
This weekend is creeping up on me. Tomorrow should include an adventure to pick up a print from this artist. LOVE her work. Brake pads are on the needed list. The installer is coming out this Saturday so I'd best move fast on this. There are just a few more must-gets for this Christmas on the gift list and I'd like to snap them up this weekend, too.
Ready? Meh.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


That right about sums it up for me right now. I've been all over the place.
I'm getting ready for the coming festive season and pouring my heart and soul into it all. The rest of this week will go to picking things for special surprises, collecting and assembling artwork, and sorting out what is for who and where it needs to be. Throw into the mix a bit of grocery shopping and we've got a party over here.
Decluttering is on the agenda, too. There is too much JUNK that has found it's way into my living space. By Saturday night, it will find its way to a new home. Oh yes, I'm on a minimission with this one.
Anyone know how to make couch cushions? Mine have really bit the dust and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I looked through some pictures that I took this summer and I'm all about this one here. Since I'm the one behind the lens more than not, I've realized how much I like shadow shots and reflections. This was me and the kidlets on a walk to the park. The day was beautiful. Bright, sunny, warm, a mild breeze, I can almost feel it just thinking about the moment. Steven and I played a lot with our shadows. We had fun and I love that.
I'm gearing up for major Christmas mode. Christmas cards are bought. I'm looking for my stamps. I'm on a roll with present purchases. Gifts are waiting to be wrapped. I've bought a new table which may be morphed into a psycho wrapping station if I can pick it up in time. I LOVE wrapping presents. For me, wrapping sets the stage. Anything goes. I remember being young and looking at beautifully wrapped gifts, miles of curled ribbon, sparkles, beautiful bows and I'd wonder if I was the lucky one to be getting that one.
This morning I woke to a curve balling being thrown my way and that was all right. It made for an interesting start and a slightly desperate stop at Starbucks for a keep-going-kick. I ran errands, got things done, made some pretty super decisions, mini-golfed with the boys, and am kickin' back now. I'm going to be jumping into gear again very soon because I am on a roll.
Here we go, I'm ready.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Not quite 30 but...

So being that I read about 50 blogs regularily, they often bring to light some pretty awesome links to articles, pictures, other blogs of note, etc.
Today, exactly this has happened. Go look here. I haven't checked out the whole site yet but what I have seen I like. It's definitely got potential.
I've scanned the list and realized I've done all but one of these things. That realization opens doors for many many many more thoughts that I just don't want to think right now.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Beautiful Light

This picture gives me so much inspiration. It was a simple moment where I grabbed the camera looked up and just saw it. Click. I'm getting it.

Mission: November

Hey November! So glad it's you today. My vision this month is slow and transitional. I want to feel the Now. Be the Here.
  1. Celebrate Kamila's Baptism.
  2. Plan the next camera investment.
  3. Print pictures.
  4. Prepare Christmas cards...WOO HOO!
  5. Start the decorating. 'Tis the season!
  6. Swap around the shoes and jackets to fit the season. Flip flops and strappy sandals need to go away for a while.
  7. Cycle through my clothes. If it's not being worn and not going to be worn again, thanks for being mine for a while but it's time to move out.
  8. Bike for a minimum of 30 minutes every day. I will say Adios to at least 15 lbs before the calendar shows me another "30".
  9. Holiday baking. Sugar cookies. Dream cookies. I'm going to see about snapping up Grandma Kay's recipe. Maybe I'm going to try butter tarts again. Marshmallow kisses. Google, watch out. I'm on this mission.
  10. Organize my course strategy.
  11. Organize a 2009 calendar. Get those important dates up there.
  12. Celebrate birthdays!!!

Let's do this together, November. I know I'm ready.

Recap: Mission - October

Talk about a month of flunk. Here's the recap which sure doesn't show too much.
Get back on track with my course. It's interesting and fun and informative and I want to. This task has shown me that procrastination is NOT going to work. Not now, not ever at all. I am going to devise a plan for the exam on this one. It's sure looking like a deferral is appropriate.
Finish the Baptism stuff. Invites, favours, decor, attire. All accomplished except for the invites. The printer I bought to print the invites is a dud. I've contacted the company and am waiting for my replacement to be shipped. 5-7 working days prior to arrival. ACK! Plan B or C: find another printer, start spreading the word.
Read The Road. I read the first 50 pages and then put the book away. This is going to be a long winter read.
Complete knitting the remain purple yarn. Assess the size of the blanket and make a decision about what to do. Right, well, it sat on my bedside table and never got knitted. Tonight is a good night to pick it up and rock it out.
Plan and place the stamp club order. YES! I was hostess this month, too. Always a pleasant surprise for a bunch of awesome freebies. It also meant more decisions which were a snap. I pick the order up at the end of the week. YES! Scrapbooks and picture frames, here I come!
Kick off BE ME, organized and ready! Ultra success here. It's beyond cool. Fun group of girls. Great evening with my sister.
Hang the pics in the living room and the bedroom. If I knew how to hang a picture so that it looks leveled, this would've been a go. Since I don't, it was a no. Any tips...anyone?
Clean up the dreaded sock basket. UGH! 35% on this one. I've picked from the top. The rest are going to be swallowed by the dryer or whatever unknown monster lives in the laundry and eats sock matches.
Get to the mantle and the misc. basket. Nope, too many things. But it is in progress. That is what matters to me right now. By Christmas...maybe.
Put the tools away in the tool box where they belong. Every thing has its place and every place has its thing. Since the tools are on the mantle, this is a nope.
Keep planning Christmas. My gift bin is rolling and I'm happy about that. KaCHING!! I love Christmas. Love. It. LOVE. IT. I put so much thought into the gifts, the decor, the moments, the memories. Yes.
Hang my to do board. It's in the kitchen. For now, that's good for me.
Get Halloween in order. Costumes, candy, fun fun fun! It was a game time decision but Master Steven rocked out the fireman get up. The night was perfect. Crisp and cool with no snow. Just the way Halloween should be.

So long October! You were fun. See you again next year. Same time. Right here.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crapshoot Tuesday

That's right. Maile is a photographer from way down south. She is the genius behind Relish Photography. More details on her whole Crapshoot Tuesday deal can be found here. Her awesome website is here.
So this week, I'm jumping in.
I snapped this one when my daughter was eight days old. It's out of focus, awkward, not looking "right" but I love it. There is something so new, so pure in her little eyes. The pensive twist of her lips. The newness of her everything. Dream big, baby girl!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Supercharged Learning Mode

I'm taking a leap. Two feet together and let's just jump right on in.
It's time to ramp things up into SERIOUS mode. I'm understanding more about this whole camera stuff. It's try-it-or-bust in my world right now. I'm trying it. I spent some time with someone else who is learning, too. She helped make some things make sense for me. The whole day was spent with my baby girl [WHO IS A ROCK STAR!] just being snap happy. Talk about crazy awesome.
I kicked the faithful Pentax into Learning Mode and just tried changing settings. The camera manual pdf was open on the computer screen. It was kickass. Click click clickeroo. There is so much to learn it is unbelievable and overwhelming...almost.
I looked at the very first image that rolled off the memory card and started asking questions. Rather than rattle them all off and be handed the answers, I've been pondering them trying to find my own answers. Wouldn't you know it, I believe I'm on to something. I couldn't understand why this image, among others, turned out so grainy. So I read and read and read some more. Improper ISO is what I've come up with. I had it set high - way too high. I'm attributing this incorrect setting to the amount of noise in the image. [Side note: Even if it wasn't planned this way, I LOVE the way this shot has turned out.]
Coming up: investments and more Learning Mode. It is SOOOO HARD waiting when I feel so ready.

On the agenda for this week: Some quality time with my dear dentist. Polish up these pretties, please oh please! Some more serious textbook time. My mid-term is nearing due and I need to move my hiney. Hopefully some sunny warm days to get the kidlets out just a few more times before the snow flies. A new exercise routine which includes me getting up and moving early. Laundry and other household tidbits. C'est la vie.
Let's rock out now. I am so ready!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'd rather be

sitting outside in the cold rain.
planning Christmas shopping adventures.
sipping coffee.
knitting my blanket.
curled up in bed dressed in comfy clothes and reading a good book.
snuggled on the couch watching a super movie.
holding my sleeping baby in my arms.
kissing my rough and tough little man.
talking with my incredible husband.

Instead, I'm opening my textbook and trying to get into a mindset that will get my ass into this course I need to pass. I really really REALLY need to find my ready.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Doctors and Apples

Hi Monday! Thanks for keeping me alive.
Today was a trip to the doctor for a check up and shots. Not cool. Not fun. But, we've come out the other side just a shake stronger. I'm very glad that (a) we have a family doctor; (b) he's rockout awesome and super quick with the notsofun stuff; (c) WE ARE HEALTHY.
Along the road home was the super slick Vic's Fruit Market fully stocked with Honeycrisp Apples. I accidently picked them up last year and they were the most incredible apples I'd ever tasted. This year I patiently waited with anticipation for their arrival and learned no one seems to have them in. No one but Vic's! We will not discuss the price on the apples because it does not matter when they are this amazing. Now if it's true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, these are the mack daddy of them all. I am so ready for a taste.
Here's the Rocketpop table centers for Kamila's baptism. I'm pumped. I need to get moving on the invites. Such a cool celebration. Such a wonderful life.

I've a few real important things to do and some not-so-important ones so, without anymore jabber, I'm off.
Ready ready ready!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Roll Over, Rover

They are growing. Fast. Faster than I ever thought could happen.
One of my favorite things to do is listen and watch as my son chatters away. The things he says are stunning. He is the master of his world. We just get the privilege of sharing it with him. Maybe we even get the chance to leave a lasting impression on him. He drew me a picture today. He brought it over to me and told me it was my friend, Zia Lisa (my sister). Her and I have spoke few words this past week. I choked on my tears. I'm framing the picture.
Our baby girl is two months now. She, too, is chatting up everything. Her eyes have such an intensity in them, such a glow. The stories she tells are simply sensational. Her coos are so soft. My heart swallows them all. She's started to roll up onto her side. We are so close to a complete roll over. So awesome. So blessed.
Please, Time, slow down. Even if only just a drop. Let me enjoy this. Let me remember this. Let me live this wholly.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Doorways and Adventures

With every door closed, a new one is opened...or so I've heard the saying go. I'm intrigued both by literal and by figurative doorways. What is opening and closing for you lately?

I'm having an accomplishing day. The oven is self-cleaning. I have never used a self-cleaner before and think I should have asked the cat for directions. Something so simple with about 532 things that you aren't told. I've learned that I cannot use any of the elements on the stovetop while self-clean mode is on. What! Dishes are drying. Counters are clean. I've Magic Erasered the front of the dishwasher and the front of the stove. I've vacuumed the back entrance. I've shaken out the carpet. I've put dinner on to marinade. I've washed laundry. Folding and putting it away are next on the list. The baby is napping. I'm running up ideas in my mind of the things I'm doing, the things I want to do, the things I need to do.

Our new doors are being installed. There is so much light that filters in my back entrance. It is beautiful.

What I'm really doing is trying to keep myself busy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Try a little harder to be a little better.
~Gordon B. Hinckley

A long time ago I read somewhere that a grain of salt in the ocean goes almost unnoticed. But that same grain of salt in a glass of water makes it almost undrinkable.
This continues to circle my thoughts.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


That's me. One. Only. Individual. Unique. Me. I. AM.
I have a family. I have morals, values, truths. I know responsibility. I believe in forgiveness. I appreciate second chances.
I love my life.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Stop and give thanks

The super duper Tiber River blog on Friday asked what we are most thankful for. I knew my answer right away. It was this:
I am thankful for many things. I am MOST thankful for Time. It is what allows me to enjoy and appreciate every other thing I have and experience. Even in sickness, the one thing asked for is just a bit more time.
The whole weekend has had me thinking about this. Time. I know that my Time with people is changing.
After today, I am beleiving that Time also heals all things. I have to believe. It's what will keep me. So I wait...
Ready.......or not.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

So not well

I have been under the weather and negligent. A cold bug bit my ass and has taken me for a straight spin. Fever, chills, puke, cough, snot nastys, sore itchy eyes, the works. Add to the mix some serious sciatic nerve issues and a dash of crazy. Simmer and stir occasionally and you've got a pot of me right now. I am still swimming in this soup. Earlier this afternoon I started to perk up for the first time all week and rolled with it. My head is still clouded but I'm conscious and moving and that's all that matters.
I put together three scrapbook pages. SWEET! I had no idea that my foggy head could be so creative ... so simple. I used to think that scrapbooking had to be all crazy and wild. A million zillion details and tiny pretty things. Totally techniques and tips from 'insiders' with incredible creativity, etc. I have decided that I'm not waiting anymore. I don't need everything. I can create anything with anything. Sometimes it is the simplicity in the things that we make that makes them so special. I started a theme with my sister called SIMPLE and it seems to be catching on to my whole life. Everything is becoming simple. I'm not waiting for this and that or something else. I'm ready. I'm doing and I'm loving this. Someday I might look back on these pages and think how boring they may look or how elementary they seem. On the other hand, someday I might look back on these pages and remember how cool it felt to just do it. Break through the fear and not care what anyone else thinks now in this moment or in the future because right now, I went for it.
I have a handful of baptism favours left to finish and that's ready to roll. I've made my table centers (picture to follow...I need some natural light and not these yellow glow fluorescent). They are sweet - literally. Pretty little rocket lollipop flower arrangements that I made. I am going to rock out the invitations this week just as soon as I confirm the restaurant for the reception.
After I'd finished all the crafty stuff around here, I PUT AWAY all the craft stuff. Normally, I leave it all out on the table thinking that I'm going to pick it up again tomorrow so there would be no point to putting it all away. After staring at the stacks of craft things cluttering my dining room table for weeks now, today I cleaned it all up in a neat and organized manner. Paper with paper in the paper sorter thing. Stamps in a box, inks in another. I even went so far as to put away the picture albums and picture box that I had scattered out on the table. Now, while there are still items on the table, the majority of the clutter is put away in logical places - places where they belong. Everything has its place and every place has its thing. Ogni cosa ha il suo posto; ogni posto ha il suo cosa. My Nonna says this all the time. I'm finally FINALLY starting to catch on. What's cluttering your life? What's out of place? Where does it all belong?
I am going to find my wish book. I started one months ago to cut down on impulse buying. It sort of worked...until I put the book somewhere that I can't remember. I'm on a mission to tighten up around this place. Snapdog the books back into something snazzy. I would like to rekindle the wish book. Wish Book, oh, Wish Book. Wherefore art thou my Wish Book?
That's it for now. See you again soon, Blogland! I missed you all last week and need to catch up!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Mission: October

All right now. Let's rock this out.
  1. Get back on track with my course. It's interesting and fun and informative and I want to.
  2. Finish the Baptism stuff. Invites, favours, decor, attire.
  3. Read The Road.
  4. Complete knitting the remain purple yarn. Assess the size of the blanket and make a decision about what to do.
  5. Plan and place the stamp club order.
  6. Kick off BE ME, organized and ready!
  7. Hang the pics in the living room and the bedroom.
  8. Clean up the dreaded sock basket. UGH!
  9. Get to the mantle and the misc. basket.
  10. Put the tools away in the tool box where they belong. Every thing has its place and every place has its thing.
  11. Keep planning Christmas. My gift bin is rolling and I'm happy about that.
  12. Hang my to do board.
  13. Get Halloween in order. Costumes, candy, fun fun fun!

I'm sure there are a hundred things I'm not thinking of that need to be done but that's it for now. A touch late but Hi October! Let's run together, I'm ready.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Too much time

Seriously, some people have way to much freakin' time on their hands. Some days, I can't even find time to stop and pee. Today I learned that some people have time to call Animal Services and complain about my cat WHOM IS NOT ALLOWED OUTSIDE LOOSE but sometimes runs out. I got a pretty pink notice from the wonderful agency advising me of the complaint that my cat was "running at large" and had bit theirs.
Now, I am not for promoting animal fighting at all. Nor do I believe that anyone should have to put up with someone else's animal disturbing them. If I see an animal that doesn't belong, I shoo it away. Yes, I have shooed cats that don't belong to me out of my yard. Isn't that what normal people do? There is a whack job in the neighbourhood that has time to file complaints rather than shoo.
Cue in my darling husband to the rescue. He waltzes over to the culprit and has a civil discussion with her husband...something to the effect of "if there was a disturbance we're sorry. there is no need to cause commotion placing complaints, etc." The culprit joins the conversation and explains the story including filing the complaint and ever so kindly mentions that she did NOT witness the alleged attack; rather, she assumed that it must have been our cat because of the grey fur left behind at the scene. EXCUSE ME! Back up the whole bus. Our cat is black & white. After Hubby pointed this out he got an "oops" and the culprit scampered away.
Some days I really wonder about people. If you must complain, please line your ducks up in a row.

All right, now that my vent is over...I'm working on trying to pack 52 hours worth of need-to-dos into the 24 hours that are in a day. My October mission post will come soon. I'm to-doing and kicking my tail into focus mode and high gear.
Oh dear, I'm ready!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Recap: Mission - September

To keep me on track, now is a great time to check on how I did for my missions.
Mission: September
Keep taking pics. I will get better, i know it! Kachow! I kept my camera close and have even started to figure out some pretty basic click things.
Get laundry put away and organize baskets. This mission has taught me that in a house with two children, there is no such thing as "laundry put away." I'm going to check this one off because I have a semi-system in place for the task.
Stay on top of studying. FLUNK! Yup, I've bombed this one for the month. October is mega stuffed with the textbooks and assignments. I'm lining up the train on the right track.
Complete the birth announcements. Completed, mailed, woot!
Book the baptism. After a bit of unnecessary panic, this has worked out. Booked and ready to go.
Celebrate out 1st anniversary. We sure did!
Create 2 picture boards. I have started the picture boards. Apparently I don't have as many pictures floating around as I had first thought because the boards looking a bit too empty for me.
Walk every day. YES! This has been awesome. Even on the day that we had rain I was pumping my legs.
Blog at least once every week. Finally! I've got this blog starting to roll. No more complete randomness - only semi-randomness.
Create my to do board. I get a half star on this one. I've got the board set up *Thanks Lisa and Steven* but it isn't functioning yet. I am going to get it in order and working. I must.
Read one full novel for fun and my sanity. Candidates this month are The Glass House, The Bone Garden, Lisey's Story, Water for Elephants, and The Road. High Fives here! Maybe this is why I've found so much energy to rock this month. I read TWO full novels this month. The Shack, which wasn't on the original candidate list, made me think. It still has me thinking about my perspectives. The Bone Garden I devoured. It was crazy. I think I raced through it so fast because it had my pulse racing with every turned page. Wow.
Complete my Secret Mission for some wonderfully awesome people. Stay tuned. I'm sure this will make the blog. The cards are signed, sealed, and delivered. They were great.
Create ONE FULL scrapbook page layout and put it in an album. All right. I'm saying yes to this even though it became a slightly modified project. I realized that before I can create a page, I want to know what pictures I'm incorporating into it. Since I couldn't make up my mind, I changed my focus. I created a cool mini-project. It works for me.
Organize the misc. living room tub and mantle. FLUNK! I looked at the mantle a few times and did get rid of some junk off it. The tub I touched once. Rifled through thinking to myself I really need to sort this out and then walked away. Soon.
Prepare my xmas planning list. Check to a modification here. I'm working on the planning list. But for the few items that I did figure out, I have already bought and put away. Yes to that!
Find my kitchen table and all 4 chairs that belong with it. Set up the high chair. FLUNK! Only because I can't admit to myself that my baby girl is growing so fast. I don't want the high chair up here yet. That turned into me not wanting to see the table because I associated the table with the high chair. Soon. This mission taught me to be careful when listing my missions because they may stir feelings that I'm not ready for.

Overall, September was a success! Hooray!

So long September

Thanks for being a beautiful month! We managed to pack a ton of fun into this month. It was great! Nursery started up again and that is going fantastic. Little Miss has started smiling for us and that is perfect. I've started biking my butt back into shape and that makes me happy. We were able to spend some quality time together enjoying life as a family of four. Sensational! There were as many quiet moments as there were loud ones. A great balance. Beautiful. Tranquil. Fresh.

Today is pretty busy. Run run run run run run! I've found a new mega book store in town and can't wait to get out and absorb it. Hopefully later this week.

Rock on World, i'm ready!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Keeping Up and Keeping On

That's the scoop around here this week. I was looking over my missions and was impressed by the progress and slightly panicked about some of the slack. I'm refocusing things because i have to and because i want to.
Our baby girl is a month old ALREADY! I hope things slow down a bit or a whole lot because i just don't want time to travel as fast as it is.
For whatever reason i can't post pics up on the blog. Go figure...when i could, i didn't. Now that i want to, i can't. That'll teach me. Thanks internet-world.
Enough chatter. I'm ready!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pretty flowers

These were the wonderful roses my husband gave me for our special day. Twenty-four of them - just like on the day we married.
Catch ya later, Blog. i'll be here with more to say!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I would like Time to pass just a touch slower, please. This last year has been so full and so fast. Yesterday we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. We looked at pictures and remembered the moments. As time passes and memories fade, the pictures we have left become what we see. A huge thank you to Carrie for spending the day with us and taking the pictures.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Matter of Heart

Every now and again moments come up intended to wake my senses. They spark memories and swirl thoughts that I may have thought were laid to rest. They reveal emotion. They unearth parts of me I keep otherwise nestled safely away in a place only I know, only I can walk through. An internal battle of mind and heart unfolds leaving me beaten, bruised, sensitive, raw.
In the midst of the conflict I struggle to make sense of each word, each thought, every idea. I weigh options, think of outcomes, measure possibilities, anticipate consequences. I grapple with the mayhem in an effort to maintain control and not succumb or be wholly consumed. How far do I go believing I am strong enough? At what point do I say, "I give in"?
I know I will come out on the other side a touch stronger, a tad wiser, and a whole lot more aware.
Let's chin up, Folks. I have to be ready.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Too often in life we let moments slip by. In reflection we may think "I wish I would've..." I'm not letting that happen this time. I've inked words from my heart to share with some very special people just how grateful I am.

Until tomorrow . . .

Three Cheers!

Over the top! My first blog post commenter. How cool is that? WOO HOO! It's seriously so exciting. I had no idea. I'm flattered. Thank you :)
I have a few things on the go and it's creating a touch too much chaos for me to be comfortable with. I need to shorten the list which means I need to get some loose ends tied up. I need this because there are other things I'm anxious to start. I'm inspired and want to move on the inspiration.
I am not going to touch The Shack until I go to bed. I can't seem to put it down so this is pretty big for me.
I am going to put away some laundry that is making me crazy.
I am going to address some mail. I will deposit it into the postal box tomorrow for mailing. I absolutely MUST get this done.
I am going to send an email because I need to know the status of an order I've made. It's essential to the completion (actually to the start) of one of my missions for the month. Talk about a temporary road block. Eeek!
I am going to make a delicious apple crisp from a random recipe since I can't seem to convince my mother to share hers with me. I'm beginning to think that her "a touch of this and a splash of that" is just to keep me begging her for more. Mamma, don't feed me fish, please teach me to fish.
I'm turning off the TV and turning on the radio. Beautiful music seems to help me more than deafening buzz.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sweet and Slow

That's what today has been. We slept in, lazed around, went for a wonderful walk, had a beautiful visit, held hands, and smiled lots. This evening, I have an adventure planned with my bestest sister always! It's going to involve a dash into Starbucks somewhere because I've heard that Pumpkin Spice is back...YES! That definitely means a wonderful season is growing. Then, off to wherever the car drives. Good coffee, fun company, sensational conversations. I'll take a double!
I picked up a book to read for me - just like I had hoped in my missions for the month. Never did I think such a random find would grip me so fast. It's been a very long time since I've delved into a book this deep this fast and enjoyed it this much. The Shack by William P. Young. 110+ pages and I can't wait to read the next ones. Check out the link. See what it means to you.
I have to do some serious studying. I have learned that classes are Monday nights which poses quite a conflict for me but one that I will work through. I need to reconnect my computer speakers pronto. They are quite significant for my work around scheme.
That's enough chatter out of me for now. Perhaps later, perhaps another day. I'll be back.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Get to it!

That's the motto for this week. There are a tonne of things that need to be done and I'm seriously running out of time. I don't like feeling this way and I'm going to change the way I feel. Buckle up! I'm going to capitalize on every moment I have to make sure that I can get what has to be done done. What a list (that I haven't even written down yet!). I'm listening to the ideas as they float around inside my mind. Me oh my! so here I am, blogging - productive ;-)
I finally finished reading Eat, Pray, Love and can't understand what took me so long to get to the end. It was such an inspiring story. I can't wait to read the next edition (coming in early 2009 hopefully in paperback). I am eager to pick up another novel and plug away BUT I can't let it interfere with the pounds of reading that I need to keep up with for my course. Too bad accounting has to be just a slice on the dry side and in a large hardcover textbook. If they could spice it up just a shake and compact it into a single-hand-holdable-novel type of medium, I am sure I would be that much more enthusiastic about it.
I've started a knitting project and am completely excited. I love this pattern and I really like the yarn that I've chosen. A dark royal purple colour. I'm going to need to waltz out soon enough to pick up an accent colour or perhaps just another ball of the purple as I know I won't have enough to finish the project. We'll see...
Kamila is starting to fuss. She just looks oh-so-sad and in need of a hug and about a million kisses :) plus I'm pretty sure I can hear a novel or two calling to me from my bedside table. Which tale to choose next?
I'm pretty sure I'll be back soon enough. Let's do this. Yes, I'm ready!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dreams part deux

Different ones today. Today is for the dreams you see when you're awake. The wishes you make for yourself.
What are you willing to sacrifice to watch someone else live their dream? If you knew someone was sacrificing their dreams so you could live yours, how would you feel? Would your dreams be different? Is there ever a middle? A halfway point in which everyone can be happy? I sit and think of the dreams I've known and wonder if the conversations were real or just words spoken on the wings of a butterfly in erratic flight. Words sung into a summer's breeze. Truths were buried inside words strung together to make phrases, sentences, conversations. Was I so naive to believe or is it you blinded by a vision that is not your own?
To coin a phrase from Disney's Robots, "A dream that you don't fight for can haunt you for the rest of your life."
My great-aunt got her call, grew her wings, and flew to heaven this week. I am happy she is in peace and not pain. I am selfishly sad. I continue to steal moments to grieve. Bless her soul and all her wonderfulness. She will always be amazing and an inspiration to me.
Thanks Saturday! Thank you for being today. And beautiful. And mine. Yesterday was productive. I kicked some serious tail on my missions. YES TO THAT! Today was pretty good, too. I'm alive. The kids and i did some visiting, some shopping, and some connecting. Steven and I caught a flick together, ate popcorn, and just hung out. A big applause to perfect Kamila who was so sweet and let us do that. An extra big applause to Steven for being so cool. The rest of today will be filled with remembering and honouring and love. Sweet wonderful love.
So many emotions, so quickly, so strong. I have to find my ready.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I've been having bizarre dreams these last few nights. The first two i understood (or so i think). The one from last night has had me buggin' all day. Aquariums with swimming piranhas and swimming frogs. They were in separate tanks but all together. i definitely need to do some digging.
Please, i need courage.


why Life throws moments like this one at me. I'm searching within my soul for answers i'm sure i can see but i just don't want to admit that i see or accept that they are.
Please send me courage. Teach me to learn to let go.

Mission: September

September is looking like this for me. On your mark, get set, MISSIONS:

  1. Keep taking pics. I will get better, i know it!
  2. Get laundry put away and organize baskets.
  3. Stay on top of studying.
  4. Complete the birth announcements.
  5. Book the baptism.
  6. Celebrate out 1st anniversary.
  7. Create 2 picture boards.
  8. Walk every day.
  9. Blog at least once every week.
  10. Create my to do board.
  11. Read one full novel for fun and my sanity. Candidates this month are The Glass House, The Bone Garden, Lisey's Story, Water for Elephants, and The Road.
  12. Complete my Secret Mission for some wonderfully awesome people. Stay tuned. I'm sure this will make the blog.
  13. Create ONE FULL scrapbook page layout and put it in an album.
  14. Organize the misc. living room tub and mantle.
  15. Prepare my xmas planning list.
  16. Find my kitchen table and all 4 chairs that belong with it. Set up the high chair.

Yikes! Seems like a whole lotta jazz when i look at it but it all seems possible. Time management. That's what it's about right now. So without further ado, i'm ready!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mission: August

A few posts back i'd posted a mini-mission list for the month. Here's the recap and comments:

Mission: Pack my hospital bag (weird how everything for the baby is ready but i have no clue what i need). This can be crossed off. I got everything together and remembered to take it all with me to the hospital. Aside from needing some food (our hosp cuisine was rancid!), i had everything i needed. WOOT!
Mission: Put my living room and dining room back together. Either find a home for everything or ship it off to another home. Both rooms were put back together and rearranged. YES! The "home or gone" i'm still working on. It's more an isolated tub of mish mash that has me overwhelmed. This is going to be done in September.
Mission: Get the laundry caught up including that awful basket of socks that just seems to keep getting bigger.It WAS caught up. I now have a few loads on the go and a few pretty baskets all folded and waiting to be put away. Something so simple. Get my lazy butt going on this. C'mon now.
Mission: TAKE MORE PICTURES! Check check check! Not only am i taking more pictures, my little mister is snap happy and I LOVE IT! I even took my own birth announcement pic which i have fallen in love with.
Mission: Have Baby. YES! I did it - drug-free - and i learned so much about me and some of the people that i love most. Amazing. WOOT WOOT WOOT
Mission: Read more. Well, i've certainly bought more books. I'm struggling to get to the end of Eat, Pray, Love and don't understand why. It is such a beautiful book. Such raw emotion, real words, beauty. I have also started digging away at my textbook. Woo hoo!

That's it, that's all. I am happy with what i got done. I will attack a whole new set of missions for September. Perhaps some that are slightly more ambitious, perhaps a few that are slightly slack. Ready ready ready.

Sweet August

What a sweet month! so filled with surprises, change and love. Our new addition joined us on August 18 and has filled our world with more everything. We shifted into slow gear and have enjoyed all of the moments over the last two weeks. So much wonder and amazement. So much love.
With September just a few hours away, it's time to kick it up into high gear. Rock the place! Start a party. JAZZ HANDS...Let's see them, folks. September means school is back for another round. My little man is into his last year of nursery - and to think it was only yesterday that he and i walked hand in hand to his first "try-it-out" day. I'm back into a course AND I WILL succeed. This should be a combo course for me - half theory, half hands-on application of learning. I think this is more my thing. Straight theory or straight hands on isn't so much up my alley. Progress will be posted. Crack out the pom poms, cheer me along :)
Stay tuned for a September Goals list to be posted. I'm working on one.
Thanks for a great month, August 2008! You are pasted in my heart forever.
September, watch out, I'm ready!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stick a fork in me

i'm done! Yes, this oven is in cool down mode. It's time to just take the baking out and let it relax for a while. 9 months is a long time to be cooking something up. C'mon baby of mine. We're all anxious to hold you, kiss you, cuddle you, know you.

i've registered for school again. AND I WILL SUCCEED! i'm ready to be disciplined the way i know i can be. i'm ready to bust my tail and soak up everything. and i will get a jump start on the course for septemeber. READY!

i've reorganized a bookshelf. it looks more composed. perhaps a pic will eventually make it up here. i didn't take a before shot. it was a disaster. i had rather heavy items on the middle shelf and the clips that held the shelf up busted. Imagine the bookslide! it's all right now though. I improvised for new clips (screws worked...woo hoo!), rethought the layout, and am beyond pleased with the outcome. Yes! i am happy when things work.

i have some laundry glaring at me from the ironing board. there are also some school things that need to get organized sitting on my table. they are competing with the laundry for my attention. i'm going to move. Shake it shake it!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pick at me

yes please. Pick at me. I'm very pregnant with no immediate end in sight although the official due date is this week.
it is absolutely possible that i'm ultra emotional right now and it feels like full time work to keep things under control. at least i think i'm doing a pretty ok job here. today, one person after the next has just been rubbing at me the right way of wrong. do not call to bitch at me about my son. he is mine. do not call to bitch at me about my husband. he is mine. do not tell me anything that contradicts anything you may have previously led me to believe. i may snap.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sneak attack

YACK! Hi August! What a nice surprise. I woke up yesterday knowing full well that it was the start of a new wonderful month only to forget about it as the day wore along. This month is jam packed with excitement. Our new person is scheduled to arrive any day now. How crazy cool is that? There is still so much that i need to do! Good grief.
Now i know i fell off the Mission train a while ago but, a new month is great for a fresh start. So, here's a list of Missions for me and August. We will succeed together.
Mission: Pack my hospital bag (weird how everything for the baby is ready but i have no clue what i need).
Mission: Put my livingroom and diningroom back together. Either find a home for everything or ship it off to another home.
Mission: Get the laundry caught up including that awful basket of socks that just seems to keep getting bigger.
Mission: Have Baby.
Mission: Read more.
Now, if the order of my August missions as i've outlined here have some weird way of influencing the way they will happen in Life then i'd best be getting my tail moving. This baby needs to come out.
Let's do this, i'm ready!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Why White on White?

I used to think that i wanted white wedding flowers. A beautiful full bouquet of this that and everything else white, some cascading ivy to accent it and done. When it came down to it, i went with a cascading bouquet of black callas, green cymbidium orchids, rich red roses, tiny white stephanotis, cute little monkey tails, scattered greens, and finally, the cascading ivy that i've always loved.
Now, i am a photographer wannabe and i faithfully read numerous photog blogs. I am seeing so many white flowers against white dresses and thank my lucky stars that i didn't do that. The bouquets by themselves are wonderful, the brides even more so. Put the two together and the flowers go missing.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Squirrels and Sunrises

Hi Tuesday. I hope my waking at the crack of dawn means there is something delicious in store for us today. I'm on a mission to find it. YES!
As i sit here blogging, i'm watching an erratic squirrel. We have a few that frolic in the trees behind our house in the beautiful trees and on our garage roof. They aren't living in the roof so that's a huge perk but they sure are close because i see them - and hear them chatter - all the time. Do they sleep?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Once in a While

Every so often something happens and shakes my world in a slightly different wave. This morning i woke at a tender moment just before 5AM. The sun was just breaking the horizon and starting to peak in on the day. After almost an hour of arguing with the bed and the comfort levels it was offering, i rose.
Two delicious kiwis and an aromatic cup of joe on the menu. Yum!
Eat Pray Love is staring at me from the table just waiting for some attention. What an amazing way to shake awake this morning. Top that off with the massage i've booked for later this morning and the BBQ with friends for this evening and i'd say it's going to be a sensational day. I'm making it that way.
Let's go, i'm ready!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trudging Through Some Sludge

Today is a bit icky. Not so great but it could be worse. I slept terrible last night and i'm trying to struggle through the day and make the most of what it is offering. My head and heart just aren't agreeing with each other. I'm confused and trying to sort it through.
Pray that it passes sooner rather than later.
Dear God, i sure know i'm ready.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Super Day

That's what today is - a super day! In an effort to organize my life i've started making daily to-do lists. Today is the first day i got everything on that list done. Hi-Fives to that! A tiny confession, i only had two things on my list today. Plus there are a few tasks left over from yesterday but i still have a whole evening and they will get done. Oh yes. I'm also going to jump start my to-do list for tomorrow. One small step at a time, this is all starting to come together for me. YES!
Things are on track for baby world and looking good. I'm still trying to figure out how to safely trim off a few weeks but, if i've come this far, a few more can't kill me. I won't let them. Health, happiness, and lots of love. Awesome.
I'm off to flitter around with whatever falls my way. Let's do this, i'm ready!

Monday, July 14, 2008


yes i am. Heavy legs, droopy eyes, slow slow slow. I'm off to cat nap.
Be back real soon!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hot Coals

C'mon now. My feet are on fire. Is this normal? I've always had cold feet and i mean fresh out of the ice box cold. Since being pregnant, my feet feel like i walk on burning coals every step. I even bought "mommy shoes" (i.e. very comfy but far from fashionable) thinking they would help. While they definitely have made walks more comfortable, they do not do any justice to the whole hot coals issue.
Here's hoping that they reset to a more normal temperature soon! I know i'm ready :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy July!

Crappers! A whole half year has flown by. While we were dating my husband used to tell me the older you got the faster the days, months, years went by. I used to laugh at him and make some comment about being crazy or something like that. Now i have to admit i think he may be on to something. I can remember so many moments in the past number of years that feel as though i'm living them in the present only to realize it was "2 years ago" or "8 years ago" or something ridiculous like that. Humbling.

I've devoured For One More Day by Mitch Albom. What a wonderful story! A quick and easy read that invokes the mind long after the covers are closed. Facing a current familial situation where choices have led to the breakdown of otherwise significant relations, the echoes from the story resonate in my ears. Too often we miss the second chances that Life throws at us. Mitch's story sends an awakening message to embrace every opportunity and live in love rather than with guilt riding right up on our shoulders. A must read!

Next in line: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Stay tuned.

I'm on a fantastical creative whirlwind. I've begun knitting a blanket for the little miracle that is not-so-secretively tucked in my belly. I've been toying with announcement ideas. I've been hammering our things i've wanted to try for many moons. Now if only i could be less afraid of my sensational cameras. :)

I've been on a cleaning, organizing, minimizing frenzy. Nesting? Who knows. I'm kicking things up into high gear and racing through the piles of stuff i have left.

Let's go, i'm ready!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Kicking Kool

I'm on a K kick this weekend. HELLO JULY LONG that really isn't happening in July at all this year, Silly Canada Day Tuesday.
I have rocked this whole week. Kicking things up into high gear and hammering out some serious cleaning, clearing, and organizing. Oh Yeah! All Right!

Check this place out I click on a link to the site from another blog i like to read (Daily Relish). Crazy the things you find. Incredible the inspirations you come across. Talk about a couple of kickass people being real, making sense, and clean out motivating me :)

I'm on the fly. Lots to do and time is just never quite what i'd like right now.

Ready i am!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pretty Pink Toes

or at least that's the way they look from my view :) I challenged myself to painting my toe nails. From where i'm looking they don't seem that bad. BUT A PROFESSIONAL PEDICURE WOULD BE SO MUCH NICER! My feet are really starting to take a beating. Any volunteers? I'm all for a sensational surprise.
I'm looking forward to a beautiful weekend to rock out June and crank in July. WOWSERS! July already. That marks the halfway point for 2008. Yikes has it gone by so quick (cliche but whatever!). So many changes, a few wonderful and others that stretched our heartstrings. Learning always.
I've started working on some stunning pieces of art. Yes, i said it, art. It should be ready for a reveal by late August. Cut me some slack. There's lots to do and only one of me. Plus a few of the details aren't yet available. And above all it is my art adhering to my schedule and i like that.
There is a basket of laundry glaring at me from across the room wanting to be folded. There is some more that i can hear calling from the dryer just waiting to finish. A vaccuum is silently humming but it will wait until morning.
Enough computer time. I'm rocking out ready.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Started soft

today did. It slowly shook away and rattled into the beauty that happens on perfect mornings. Bright sunshine, fresh air, happy boys playing in my house. Then THWAP! The tv is on, guitar hero is screaming out some song or another and i'm bustling around in the kitchen getting breakfast together.
Happy Father's Day to all the men who know what it is to be a daddy.

Hello Sunday! Let's rock out together.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


yup that's exactly what today felt like. a nice big YIPE. Sort of like a YOP from Dead Poet's Society but not quite. i'm kicking my tail into big time baby gear. yes that's right. one month from today i plan on having things just about good and done.
stay tuned, there is much in the works.
I'm ready.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Easy does it

Sssssshhhhhhhhh. My 30 day challenge has taught me that sometimes, actually most times, Life has a way of throwing at you what it will. My choice has been to roll with it. No need ot stress or panic or flop. I'm accepting it as it comes and making it all my very own.

A silent prayer this evening that Grandpa has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is now at peace. With love...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Body Back
I've been thinking lately about how i'm going to take back my body once Baby Me decides to make an arrival. The link to the blog above sounds great! How much easier can it be?
After i had my first, i was able to join a gym and, for three months, kicked my tail in high gear to shape up. This time around, i am not as confident that i'll be able to have the same time to dedicate or commit. Plus, i'm looking for some serious "my babies and me" time. I LOVE BEING A MOM! even with the whole new set of anxieties that this pregnancy (new baby) is cluing me into, i can't wait to do it all over again.
let's have at it, i'm ready.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Right, so my 30-day challenge is a touch behind. IT'S OK BY ME. I know exactly why and these last two days, paying attention to what my body was screaming was what was important. Sorry computerland.
today is going to be filled with this and that. Yummy coffee. I'm going to try and make stuffed pasta shells. They sound easy enough and can be prepared early so yum yum to that! and finally...drumroll...studying! yes, my exams are one week today and i'm worried. I need to buckle down and figure this jazz out. It's interesting stuff. Let's do this!
have a happy day. i'm ready :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

30 days of fun

What a sensational day to start a beautiful month. Hello June! How nice of you to have arrived with such beauty.
Meandering through blogland i've seen it done where people issue themselves 30-day challenges. This marks day 1 of mine. That's right. I'm going to do this. My challenge: one post every single day this entire month. Length and content don't matter just simply a commitment to jotting something here. So far, i'm doing pretty good :)
I loaded up images from my camera and played with this one taken early this spring. Isn't she pretty?

Thursday, May 29, 2008


yuppers, that's right about how fast this month ran away on me. Some much fun jammed into one simple month. YOWZERS!
I've been doing some reading in my not-so-spare-time, my ME time, my time-outs. I came across this today in a yoga journal and thought it was brilliant:
20 Ways to Feel More Alive
  1. Start a breathing practice.
  2. Express gratitude before meals.
  3. Ride the bus or your bike instead of driving.
  4. Begin each morning with a stretch.
  5. Get a massage on a regular basis.
  6. Smile at strangers.
  7. Plant a garden.
  8. Take a class.
  9. Write a letter.
  10. Move your practice outdoors.
  11. Enjoy a 15-minute afternoon siesta.
  12. Anoint your feet with oil - and a little massage.
  13. See an Ayurvedic doctor to discover your dosha.
  14. Smile in the mirror every morning.
  15. Make dinner for your neighbors.
  16. Take a media fast.
  17. Visit an elderly relative.
  18. Return to a hobby you love.
  19. Sit under a tree for an afternoon.
  20. Tell your family and friends how much you love them.

I'm working on #1 (it will be extremely important for me while in labour). 5 was going all right until things fell a tad off the rails. #6 is so special! i've tried it on neighbors that we haven't met and wow, what a difference a simple smile makes. go for it! smile at the world. #7, i planted my flower pots for the backyard and loved it. next to plant is the front area. #8 i'll be glad when it's over. i could use a class break. #11, yes right, 15-minutes = 2 or 3 hours when you're pregnant but really, who's keeping count? #12 HECK YEAH! the oil is substituted with cream but HECK YEAH! I've found new heaven-in-a-bottle (thank you Olay.) #14 has had me working. If i can smile at strangers, i can smile at myself. 16, an incredible step forward for a celebsmut junkie like me. I have refrained from buying any weeklys and do not watch any Celeb-ish tv shows. TRIPLE ARM PUMP to that! 18, well, i've been reading things i want to read instead of things i have to read. It has been a liberating journey. Plus some of my favorite authors have released new paperbacks. YES! I'm also exploring a few new hobbies. #19 i've mosied through the yard, not quite sitting under a tree but absolutely being outside and soaking it all in. #20 perhaps most important and one i will always work on because i really don't think it can ever be said enough.

So now i'm off until the next time...I'm Ready.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


i have scheduled my studies in a somewhat logical fashion. yes, it is my roll at pulling it all together. this will work (right after i get back to studying after what is turning out to be an extended study break).
i brewed a delicious cup of joe with my mini one-cup machine. LOVE IT! i have a cappuccino maker and can spin out one mean latte but could never get into the whole regular coffee maker deal. really, i just thought i sucked at making coffee so i never bothered because every time i'd tried the brew tasted nasty. this past xmas, we played a fun xmas game and wound up taking home this mini one-cupper. Believing that i sucked at making normal coffee, it went into the cupboard and has been sitting ever since. this past week, i'd had enough and figured i'd try it. at worst i'd end up with a cup of coffee that i wouldn't drink; at best, something i could have again and again. just imagine my surprise when, KACHOW, the perfect pour, straight into my cup ready for the fixing. i thought for a moment that it was just luck, beginner's luck. i gave my pretty little mini maker another roll and KACHOW, another perfect pour. now it's all simply mmmm mmmm yummy goodness for this lady. a huge bonus is i just make one cup at a time, no pot to worry about, no wasted liquid, and cleaning the whole device takes a split second. added bonus: the liquid temp is perfect for me - hot enough that by the time i sit down, it's drinkable. not a burn-my-lips-wait-to-cool-too-cold-now deal, simply a drip-mix-sit-sip deal. again, yum yum and YES FOR ME! Hip hip hooray!
ok, enough outta me now, it's back to the books.
be back soon!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


in the books, that is. A month to go until exams and i'm pumping up the study time.

i would love to go for a massage. my back and shoulders have been bugging me BIG TIME lately. Things have gotten heavy but someday they will become light again!

I've sprained my middle finger and am working on remembering that it hurts to move it. I had it buddy taped for a while but the tape started making me crazy. Now, i keep forgetting that it hurts to move/use it and am wincing in pain. Oh me oh my! How long do these things take to heal? Please, please feel better soon.

Well, study break is almost over, back to the books i go.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


In a nut shell that sums up my blog lately. I haven't been feeling well again and so, have let some of the finer things in life slip aside. Where does Time go?
I'm off now to fish up something fancy to tinker with. Maybe a textbook or basket of laundry...
Until next time.

Monday, April 14, 2008


It's getting late on this sensational monday. the wind is howling ferociously. i have many things that still need to get done. i'm tired and going to bed instead.

Good night, World!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Time out.

That's what today needs...a time out. Straight up and simple. It feels like i've been running since the moment i got up. It feels like i've spent the better part of the week running.
I bought new shoes - a long overdue purchase for me. Of course they don't fit quite right but that's only because they don't yet have the comfort of my perfect worn in pair (READ: Falling Apart) that i've now thrown out.
I have started crafting a beautiful blanket for the nursery. I need to figure out how to put it all together; that is, how to hammer out my vision for it into reality. I'll post pics once it's finished. I've picked up a few things i know we are absolutely going to need for the little one (diapers). I caught a great clear out sale and picked up a couple things that we might need and that i'll be able to pass along if we don't. The excitement is incredible.
We're again faced with the decision of what to call this new person once they arrive in the oxygen world. Perhaps the extra challenge this time is we need to decide a name for both a boy and a girl as I chose not to find out what's tucked away inside me but rather save the surprise. The way i figure, there are so few surprises in Life today, why rush one that is so normal and natural?
The weekend is looking normal. Nothing extraordinary planned. A tab of laundry, a touch of household chores, a sprinkle of rubbish removal, a few projects that need tying up, and a whole lot of hands on family time with my bunch.
Let's rock the weekend. I'm Ready!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thank You Laura Secord

Scrumptious chocolates that cost a mini fortune but taste divine. Small indulgences that soothe this soul.
Thank you so much!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sneak peek

That was the biggy on the agenda today. A sneak peek into waterworld. The cushy heaven that is swelling my belly and growing our new baby. Mr. Steven came along and was super duper good. The first swirl of images showed him "bubbles" in my tummy. Then he grew concerned because there were "worms" in there. As the technician checked out the little one's spine, Steven looked at the screen completely grossed out by the "snake" inside. To ice the sweet cake, when the baby's heart fluttered onto the screen, Steven's eyes lit up in amazement by the "butterfly" that i had tucked away in there. Just to cap off the experience with a cherry, when the tech measured up the heartbeat, the peaks and valleys of the beats showed on-screen in bright fire-orange which, naturally, led my darling to believe that there was a "fire" burning in there. The precious eyes of a child. Experience the world as you've never done so before!

Everything looks a-ok and the family tree will sprout it's new branch about August. YES! i'm terrifically excited.

This did put into perspective that i have four months left to get everything in order. What is everything? well, i need to figure out what i need. i know what i have but am lost when i'm trying to figure out what's left that i need. i know that i need to get moving on the nursery. Seriously, there is furniture that needs to move out. There is a very beautiful, very special dress hanging in that closet that needs to find somewhere better to be. there is a truck full of junk that needs to just go away. if it's b.r.o.k.e.n, what am i keeping it for? there are big decisions that need to be made rather quickly.

Tuesday Mission #1: Make decisions about that room!
Tuesday Mission #2: Catch up on school work that i'm quickly falling behind on. I took three days off because Life just caught up with me over the weekend and now i'm feeling overwhelmed that i may well be playing catch up again.
Tuesday Mission #3: Have a coffee with my sister. Maybe even pop into a bookstore with her for a stroll.

Rip and ride, i'm ready!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Box of Crayons

How to Be Creative by Hugh MacLeod

Brilliant. Inspiring. Incredible. Changed my life. Check it out.

These are all thoughts that came to my mind immediately while reading through Hugh's article. He put things, plain and simple, into perspective.

"They're only crayons. You didn't fear them in kindergarten, why fear them now?" No Shyte! I'll throw it out there that children do not fear creativity. They get an idea and run with it. If the idea flops or dries up, they conjure up another one and run again. Lather, rinse, repeat. At what point in my life did i forget this? And THANK MY LUCKY STARS that i heard my wee voice begging for attention and am acting on it now.

Hugh's entire article nails everything i've been fighting. My brain chaos. Even though i don't know if i'm any good at my idea, i think i can be and this does terrify me. My soul does depend on my wee voice.

Worldly rewards and spiritual rewards. What the eff? Whoa! This again is precisely what my wee voice needs. Worldly rewards are the bonus. Spiritual rewards are immeasurable. There isn't a price tag to put on an inner calmness, an inner peace, a contentment.

Time, discipline, and stamina are the only things Hugh says you need. I'm going to bite the bait. Let's do this. I can't underestimate others or overestimate myself. Hugh clean out cautions against it. I believe he's onto something with this. How much time? As long as it needs. How much discipline and stamina? As much as it needs.

I've always been a go-getter. My word for the year is READY. As explained in the article, I'm going to take my power and be happy knowing it's mine, doing the things i want it to do, being what i want it to be.

Let's do this. I'm ready.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

School is cool

I'm absorbing, sponging, soaking up information for the courses i'm taking. It's actually making sense and STAYING in my head. Functional data. Hip Hip Horray! If i look at my calendar plan, i'm just a touch behind but will be all caught up by the end of this evening. Oh yeah and yes yes yes! It's such a feeling of accomplishment to be learning things that i can actually see me using in my future.
Monday is a big day for me. Stay tuned for more details.
It's back to the books for me for now..where did my foot-warmer-sausage-puppy-dog go?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Post Secret
i bought one of the books and LOVE it. Check out the blog. Be liberated.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Law and other legal jazz

Once upon a time I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I was (am) good at debating, researching, remembering, and applying information to current situations. now that i'm sitting here listening to audio lectures for my business law course, i'm glad i chose a different career path. The material is relatively interesting but the hokey-pokey, in-out, usually-sometimes-maybe, no, it's not for me. At least not intensively anyways.
I finished reading The Footprints of God by greg Isles. Great book to read during lent. It daubles into the Catholic religious beliefs of this time of year but isn't too overwhelming. All in all artificial intelligence was the idea and WHOA did it make me more aware. Immortality at an expense. It was the first book of his that i've read and i will read another.
I've shifted gears and jumped into Jodi Piccoult's Salem Falls. 100 pages and so far, GREAT! It's keeping me up at night and i'm loving it. At least it's something that fills the otherwise boring moments of staring into nothing.
I'm also workign through Birthing From Within. The journal i created the other day is for this book. It has me fascinated. Focus on what's inside, what is inside your heart and soul rather than just on what doctors say happens and is normal. Explore and develop an internal preparation. Ready? I'm working on it!
I've also just bought A New Earth. Stay tuned for updates as i embark on that next adventure.
I am wishing the world a Happy Easter. What are some of your traditions? In my family, someone always buys my grandma an Easter Lilly which opens beautifully just in time for Easter Sunday. I'm looking for some not-so-common-but-cool traditions to kick up into my home.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


What absolutely beautiful warm sunshine we have today. It's spectacular!

Steven played hookie from nursery today. He didn't sleep well last night and, to be honest, neither did i. So, when we woke this morning and he said he didn't want to go i was ok with being me and him home together today. Plus we would have already been running late. It's been such an enjoyable day.

We played some virtual mini golf this morning. He is definitely a competitor. I can't imagine where he would get that from {see: me avoiding eye contact, whistling, trying to change the!}. We went for a walk together and had a marvellous time. It wasn't a long or a far walk but it was us together out in the fresh air. It was nice.

I've done a few loads of laundry with more in progress right now. It's actually less daunting than i thought. With the laundry task under control, i've started to plan a clothing reorganization so i have a better (more realistic) idea of what's staying, what's being passed along, and what's clean out going gone.

The brain choas is still what it is but i'm focused on taking things one small step at a time. It's helping me to better deal.

I started studying one of my courses yesterday. It was good. Me, my texts, my binder, my computer, my couch, some music, the dog. More of that still to happen later today.

A few missions for today:
Mission: Keep plugging at the laundry. 2 mandatory loads stilll to do. Anything more is gravy.
Mission: Water the plants. They are beginning to look beautiful again with the sunshine that is touching them.
Mission: Pick up the bags that are laying around the living room. I'm still trying to understand how they got to where they are.
Mission: Grab the camera and play some. Potential for pics in the post tomorrow :)

Until the next one, i'm Ready.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hello Life

Let's start living - really living. Not existing or flitting from one moment to the next or even silently shifting gears. Let's embrace this day the world has given us to live.

I've got a cloudy mind. My mind feels bruised. Many things swirling around seeming out of order, twisted, and tangled. I'm READY today to start sorting out the mumble jumble in there. I'm putting my plan to paper so i can have a focus point instead of just a bunch of swirling info, some of which is screaming for attention.

Already this morning i've put pictures into frames. I'm on a mission to find the other pictures i can't quite remember where i put. I've finished cutting out the beautiful paper i picked up for a journal. Mission: finish that mini project up this afternoon. What's the journal for? Life. A place to jot down little ideas, thoughts, worries, wonders. Do you have a place for this?

Laundry is screaming at me. It is beginning to look like the clothes in my house have a really gross flu bug and are vomitting everywhere. Mission: get laundry to laundry room to be sorted and started. Two loads, just two simple loads, washed, dried, folded AND put away. That's a goal for today.

I found that there is still a big tub of {i can't believe i'm saying this} Christmas stuff sitting out. Mission: get tub to basement storage with the rest of the Christmas stuff. Christmas, as much as i love you, i like that you only come around once a year.

Immediate Mission: pick up Steven from preschool.

I'm off running. I'm ready.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Keepin' on

So there goes more time. Another week, weekend, and almost monday. Absolutely a whirlwind of blank.

I feel like a human pin cushion. Between having to go for blood tests, get hooked up to IV drips, shot up with meds, wheeled around and tossed aside, i'm tired. Physically and emotionally exhausted. I do keep trucking forward. It's essential in life. No matter what comes my way i will buck up and keep going. I'm ready.

Very exciting is that i'm awaiting a phone call to let me know when my ultrasound is so i can see my little creation. Stay tuned :)

But now, the textbooks that are somewhere on the floor are screaming at me for attention. Imagine that!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


"Peace, it does not mean a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart." - unknown

so the blog posts have been few but i've been violently ill. Valentines day was spent with my dear husband by my side in the hospital where i was treated for dehydration. Today i spent in the hospital for spasms in my stomach. i'm really hoping things start looking up soon. The good thing is Baby is doing good. Some blood tests next week and then the big ultrasound date :) I'm pumped.

it's a real short one today but i'll make time to post more again.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Cherry ice cream. Can i get enough? Delicious is about all i can say about this. Yum yum.
A few quotes i want to share that i stumbled across on an aimless www adventure:
Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ~Teddy Roosevelt
We sat side by side in the morning light and looked out at the future together. ~Unknown
Death twitches my ear; "Live," he says, "I am coming." ~Virgil
These words have moved me (as have many others). I'm a fan of quotes, phrases, quips, etc. If you have some that you live by, drop me a line.

I have a midterm assignment due one week today and really should be plugging away. The final exam is in one month and i'm on a mission. I am ready to pour my all into the studies so i can fully grasp the concepts (though it really would be more entertaining to grab my camera and snap away).

A simple photo taken by yours truly last fall of a random apartment block in this big beautiful city. What do you think?

Until the next one, i'm ready!