Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Recap: Mission - December

Sweet month. Great way to end an overall great year.

Mail Christmas cards! KACHOW! You bet I did.
Laugh every day. DOUBLE KACHOW! It amazes me how laughter has a way of changing everything.
Treasure the beauty and magic in the season. I have absorbed so much. Beauty. Magic. Love.
Put the finishing touches on some very very special holiday presents. I sure did. Tears and all.
Shake the house up a drop. Shook it all up with the sights and smells of Christmas.
Connect with my super camera. With my fingers still tingling from the excitement, I certainly have learned a few things with this puppy.
Reconnect with my point-and-shoot. I had it, I've touched it. It has pictures on the memory card. Now if only I could remember where I set it down. Oh point-and-shoot, yoooooo hooooooo, where are you? Can I at least get a hot or cold on this one....please!
BACK UP PICTURES! ==sigh==It's coming. Just as soon as I get the files from the point-and-shoot. Yoooooooo Hoooooooo, where did you go?
Prepare for 2009. I'm developing a plan. In the works. Cooking. Coming right up. I'm really excited about things in the new year.
Keep on track of the textbooks. Poop on this. December wasn't the month to stay on top. January is a great month to catch up.

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