Saturday, September 26, 2009

Riddle me this.

A CF card.
A camera body.
A few lenses.
Fully charged batteries.
An afternoon to try something new.

Guess what I'm planning for tomorrow?

Those two.

I had a meeting one evening and, as luck would have it, it was an evening where Hubby was working. No problem. I pulled out my supermom cape, saddled up, and got down to it. I had a sitter who was ready. Everything was smooth sailing.
The meeting got under way. Introductions all around. Quick tour to acquaint everyone with the surround - RING RING -. Oooops. That was my cell phone. I quickly excused myself to answer. Kamila was not enjoying herself so much. In fact, she was near melt down. OK. Ummm...Sitter offers up that things should be OK. I assure them that I will be along in half an hour. The meeting was progressing quite quickly. Sitter is OK. Kamila had settled. Great. Where was I? Oh yes, on the tour, heading back to our meeting room. Just a few steps from the door - RING RING -. This time, the sitter is barely audible of the shrill screams of my inconsolable child. In an instant, I excused myself from the meeting, was at the car, and on my way to the rescue.
The drive was perfect. Green lights, no idiots, smooth sailing.
I spin into the driveway, pop it into park, hop out, and sprint for the door.
On the inside, there is silence. The confused look on my face could not have done justice for what was running through my mind. The sitter pointed to the over sized leather recliner. I tiptoed over to where I could see, thinking that I would find my sweet girl asleep. Instead, what I was melted my heart. Words just aren't enough to describe the image. My camera was at home.
There, on that chair, was my girl nestled into the shoulder of her brother, safe, secure, silent. My boy was her console. He calmed her. He was her comfort.
It is an image I hope to see many times over again and one that I want never to forget.
Be still my heart. I am doing everything I know to be a good mom. Seeing moments among them like this one make me believe I am doing something right.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Let's Play #143.

Play along. Just please come and play along.

1. One week ago __I was a little less ___.
2. _____Oh, the dreams I had______ when I was young.
3. Mama told me ______dream big_____.
4. _____Let's hold hands,______ you and me.
5. Take your time ______to smile lots, laugh often, and love always_____.
6. _____BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! That city bus_____ will pass!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to __a textbook twist and some sweet time with my kidlets___, tomorrow my plans include __a nice visit, serious housework and a few surprise___ and Sunday, I want to __walk in the park___!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Let's paint the picture:
Monday morning, office coffee room, I am preparing to pour my cup as someone walks in and the following conversation ensues.
Me: G'morning.
Her: How are you?
Me: Fantastic.
At this point she completely stops what she is doing, looks at me like I am from some other planet and says, "I want your life."
Me: Fantastic is the way I make it.
Her: Wish I could do that, too.
Me: You can.

If only she really meant that, she would see there is so much in this world just waiting to be found by each of us, seen differently by each of us. Take the challenge. Push yourself. Reach out to people that can help. Do things. Make a difference.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Write Away Seminar: Surprise!

TravelinOma is at it again. Her posts prompt my brain to think. Not just think but really think. Sometimes, I have to stew on what I'd like to pick from her options. Sometimes, the words just unleash, my fingers fiercely typing to capture them all. Today, it is the latter.
My pick today is to list 8 ways that I have surprised myself lately.
  1. I've returned to work with ease. I am smart. I know what I know and know when to ask for help.
  2. I have stayed with my studies. I need to reinforce my diligence slightly but in the past, by now, I've thrown in the towel.
  3. I have been packed and ready to go every evening rather than scrambling in panic in the morning.
  4. I completely my life coaching with this coach. The entire coaching experience was so entirely fulfilling. Drop Kathryn a line. Tell her you came from me.
  5. I filed paperwork that has been sitting for so long I'd given up on it.
  6. I soak every drip of time out of each day that I can while being aware of my needs. I know when I can't go anymore and am learning to say no when I just know that I can't.
  7. I've put my foot down and said Enough in an area of my life that was causing grief.
  8. I have made a conscious choice to focus on the positive despite the gremlins that threaten.
  9. I haven't picked up my camera in over a week. This isn't a celebratory item. It is the very opposite, in fact. I am still surprised by this.
  10. I am two baskets away from being caught up on laundry. This is major awesomeness around here. I can't remember the last time I was this close to having it all together.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Go time.

Go time is just about to happen. I can't wait!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Write Away Seminar: Just Musing.

TravelinOma's School Days are in full force. How long has it been since you were in school? Check out hers. It's so different. It's so much more fun. Today's post, as with every other day, has a series of options for the assignments. Choose one or do all or make up your own. Go on. Give it a try.
My choice today is option 3: Every day for a week, write down and file three random thoughts, just to get you in the habit of using your notebooks and files.
I have many notebooks on the go. In fact, I have so many that some are frustratingly lost only to reappear at some future forward moment. It is usually right when I need to read what it was that I wrote "back then". On top of this, there are a few people who would concur that throughout any given day I am likely to progress through many moments of random thoughts. Let's see what will come of this week. I'll post the results in a lump.

Friday, September 11, 2009

School of Thought: What Was She Thinking?

I try to follow instructions. It doesn't always work. TravelinOma, the mastermind behind a School Days post series on her blog, posted a thought challenge today. While each of her prompts sparked something in me, nothing could get this out of my head.
All I could hear was this song. It echoes in my mind at some of the most random moments. It would not be silenced as I read through TravelinOma's post today. All those faces tell stories. All those eyes see into my soul. Every one hides a love story. Every one has endured pain. Every one houses a secret place in her heart that only she knows. Every single one of them will take stories with them when they leave this earth. And so will you. And I will, too. Not because we have secrets. It is because we don't have the ability to describe every feeling, every thought, every wish we create.
While I don't wish to age quickly, I do wish to age gracefully. I wish that some day when I chance upon the image of my reflection, I can be thankful for everything I have endured in my life. It is, after all, my life.

Let's Play #141.

Get over here. Play along. When was the last time you wrote and didn't care what it was you were writing? Try filling these in.

1. That's a __great place___ to be.
2. ___You there, yeah, you________; I'm over here!
3. The possibilities include: ____understanding what love really is all about_______.
4. _____Taco pie______ is one of my favorite cool day recipes.
5. How will you know _____if the risk is worth taking______.
6. _____A bright smile______ and a stormy sky.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to __textbook tlc___, tomorrow my plans include __the boot scootin' boogie___ and Sunday, I want to __just hang out___!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Discussion Time.

TravelinOma is hosting a discussion about family matters - discipline today. Head on over there and see how the convo is shaping up.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This evening was a kindergarten two-on-one meeting. My boy and I met with his teacher, visited the stations in the classroom, did an activity, got bombarded with more information than either of us could retain, had fun.
I haven't been bothered by my oldest, my son, my #1 starting school officially this year. I am absolutely aware of how fast he is growing and how much faster my years tick by but, nonetheless, have not been overly disturbed by any of it.
While touring the stations that he will play in, learn in, grow, question, wonder and discover in, that moment hit me. You know the moment. It's that one where you catch your heart in your throat and struggle to swallow. That very moment where tears threaten to stream down your cheeks. The one that catches you off guard though you thought you were so well prepared. All I could think was breathe. Just breathe. And breathe deep I did.
I have been moved by that moment; changed by it; better because of it.
We're jumping in with two very excited feet.
What have you been changed by lately?

Travel Studies: Europe on a Shoestring.

TravelinOma has my brain wheel spinning. Today's School Days prompt that I've chosen is the postcard bit. Go on and see what everyone else has to say over there.

Dear Nonna,
Athens is beautiful. It smells of tranquillity and peace. The clean lines meshed with beautiful curves of architecture spiced with a white so bright the stars reflect at night is mesmerizing. There is so much here. I am blessed.
Sending my love,

Monday, September 7, 2009

Write Away: Labour Day.

TravelinOma posted an awesome post today. Read it here.
If money were no object, I'd like to be a photographer, and work around to ordinary places - that back lane I've walked down everyday of my life, the cobblestone road that leads to my great-grandparents' house, the big basin where women would stand and scrub their clothes clean during days gone by. I'd travel to places the World itself seems to have forgot to appreciate the beauty. I'd visit with and encourage children who are saddled with tasks far beyond their tender years. I'd show women that there is beauty in them at every stage of their lives. I want people to know there is extraordinary in the most ordinary things. I thrive to have humans understand that the very things some do as though it is a right are the same things that others struggle to earn. I love looking backwards and forwards in the same moment. I love showing people with my lens the amazement of what they do, what they are. Money really is no object.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

School of Thought: Be Real.

Check out TravelinOma. She is mentoring my kind of school. Do what you can, when you can, and however you want to. A few days late but c'est la vie. This is what I came up with from her prompts.
Dear Friend,
I know you're worried about your grandfather right now. Knowing you like I do, I'm sure you feel afraid and filled with trepidation unsure of how the next moment will unfold, but I trust your instincts. Understand that this is the very essence of life. Be changed by this. Be reminded that nothing is for sure beyond this moment you are in - this moment is yours to live and love. You seem so sure and so strong and so real.
Love deep, live fierce.
Yours truly.

So much.

That seems to be what's going on lately. The lack of posting isn't because I haven't had things to post, it is because I haven't been able to put into words all the things that have been swirling around in my brain.
What do you do when there is more on your mind than you have words to express?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Book Shelf: Soulmates.

Today's school prompt reaches my heart. Read it here at TravelinOma.

I am currently reading Other People's Weddings by Noah Hawley. As with many of my books, I've had this one quite some time but never picked it up off the shelf. In search of a light read I scooped it up just about a week ago and have been picking away at it since. It's not at all what I expected. Then again, my expectations were formed purely by the cover art and title. I didn't bother reading the back. It wouldn't have mattered. I felt the need to read it however good or not it would be. I'm enjoying it. It's fun. It's real. It's written by a male author with a female main character. That alone interests me.

What's on your night side table?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Get Serious.

My son is addicted to Teletoon Retro. More specifically, he loves The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show and Merrie Melodies. I also happen to enjoy these cartoons (along with Fraggle Rock and The Raccoons) so I don't oppose much to us watching them.
This evening I was bustling in the kitchen making a stir fry when out of nowhere, he comes in and asks if I have a Slap Chop. I said I have the EuroChopper which is sort of the same. He seemed happy to know that we have one and left. I stood wondering where he would come up with such a thing but you know 5 year olds these days...
Just before bed, we were sitting watching Bugs and a commercial for the Smooth Away comes on. I wasn't paying much attention to the TV when the following conversation came to be.
"Mom, you should stop waxing your legs."
"Son, I enjoy waxing."
"Yeah, but Mom, it hurts."
"Now how would you know this?"
"Well Mom, you should get Smooth Away. It takes all the hair out with no pain. It doesn't hurt at all. Waxing does. The lady on TV said so."
"Son, I'm going to keep waxing but thanks for looking out for me."
The very next commercial was guessed it...Slap Chop.

Mission: September

This month there is only one. It's a big one. I could use all the help I can get with it.

Please pray with me for my grandfather's health.

Traveling To.

Ten places I'd like to travel to, in no specific order, are:

  1. Angel Falls, Venezuela
  2. Bora Bora
  3. Athens, Greece
  4. Milano, Italia
  5. Ponte in Valtellina, Italia
  6. Paris, France
  7. Texas, USA
  8. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  9. Somewhere in England (Bath, Liverpool, Cambridge...)
  10. Bunol, Spain for La Tomatina

I don't like to worry when I'm on vacation. I go away so I can taste what others live. I try to take something away from each place I get to see. I like culture. I wonder about people. How do they live each day, each moment? What is important to them? How do they fit everything in? Somedays I believe that I could be like Elizabeth Gilbert of the novel Eat, Pray, Love. In another life or time...


TravelinOma is hosting School Days. Check out her blog. Join us on the journey.