Friday, September 11, 2009

School of Thought: What Was She Thinking?

I try to follow instructions. It doesn't always work. TravelinOma, the mastermind behind a School Days post series on her blog, posted a thought challenge today. While each of her prompts sparked something in me, nothing could get this out of my head.
All I could hear was this song. It echoes in my mind at some of the most random moments. It would not be silenced as I read through TravelinOma's post today. All those faces tell stories. All those eyes see into my soul. Every one hides a love story. Every one has endured pain. Every one houses a secret place in her heart that only she knows. Every single one of them will take stories with them when they leave this earth. And so will you. And I will, too. Not because we have secrets. It is because we don't have the ability to describe every feeling, every thought, every wish we create.
While I don't wish to age quickly, I do wish to age gracefully. I wish that some day when I chance upon the image of my reflection, I can be thankful for everything I have endured in my life. It is, after all, my life.

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