Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This evening was a kindergarten two-on-one meeting. My boy and I met with his teacher, visited the stations in the classroom, did an activity, got bombarded with more information than either of us could retain, had fun.
I haven't been bothered by my oldest, my son, my #1 starting school officially this year. I am absolutely aware of how fast he is growing and how much faster my years tick by but, nonetheless, have not been overly disturbed by any of it.
While touring the stations that he will play in, learn in, grow, question, wonder and discover in, that moment hit me. You know the moment. It's that one where you catch your heart in your throat and struggle to swallow. That very moment where tears threaten to stream down your cheeks. The one that catches you off guard though you thought you were so well prepared. All I could think was breathe. Just breathe. And breathe deep I did.
I have been moved by that moment; changed by it; better because of it.
We're jumping in with two very excited feet.
What have you been changed by lately?

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