Friday, June 27, 2008

Kicking Kool

I'm on a K kick this weekend. HELLO JULY LONG that really isn't happening in July at all this year, Silly Canada Day Tuesday.
I have rocked this whole week. Kicking things up into high gear and hammering out some serious cleaning, clearing, and organizing. Oh Yeah! All Right!

Check this place out I click on a link to the site from another blog i like to read (Daily Relish). Crazy the things you find. Incredible the inspirations you come across. Talk about a couple of kickass people being real, making sense, and clean out motivating me :)

I'm on the fly. Lots to do and time is just never quite what i'd like right now.

Ready i am!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pretty Pink Toes

or at least that's the way they look from my view :) I challenged myself to painting my toe nails. From where i'm looking they don't seem that bad. BUT A PROFESSIONAL PEDICURE WOULD BE SO MUCH NICER! My feet are really starting to take a beating. Any volunteers? I'm all for a sensational surprise.
I'm looking forward to a beautiful weekend to rock out June and crank in July. WOWSERS! July already. That marks the halfway point for 2008. Yikes has it gone by so quick (cliche but whatever!). So many changes, a few wonderful and others that stretched our heartstrings. Learning always.
I've started working on some stunning pieces of art. Yes, i said it, art. It should be ready for a reveal by late August. Cut me some slack. There's lots to do and only one of me. Plus a few of the details aren't yet available. And above all it is my art adhering to my schedule and i like that.
There is a basket of laundry glaring at me from across the room wanting to be folded. There is some more that i can hear calling from the dryer just waiting to finish. A vaccuum is silently humming but it will wait until morning.
Enough computer time. I'm rocking out ready.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Started soft

today did. It slowly shook away and rattled into the beauty that happens on perfect mornings. Bright sunshine, fresh air, happy boys playing in my house. Then THWAP! The tv is on, guitar hero is screaming out some song or another and i'm bustling around in the kitchen getting breakfast together.
Happy Father's Day to all the men who know what it is to be a daddy.

Hello Sunday! Let's rock out together.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


yup that's exactly what today felt like. a nice big YIPE. Sort of like a YOP from Dead Poet's Society but not quite. i'm kicking my tail into big time baby gear. yes that's right. one month from today i plan on having things just about good and done.
stay tuned, there is much in the works.
I'm ready.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Easy does it

Sssssshhhhhhhhh. My 30 day challenge has taught me that sometimes, actually most times, Life has a way of throwing at you what it will. My choice has been to roll with it. No need ot stress or panic or flop. I'm accepting it as it comes and making it all my very own.

A silent prayer this evening that Grandpa has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is now at peace. With love...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Body Back
I've been thinking lately about how i'm going to take back my body once Baby Me decides to make an arrival. The link to the blog above sounds great! How much easier can it be?
After i had my first, i was able to join a gym and, for three months, kicked my tail in high gear to shape up. This time around, i am not as confident that i'll be able to have the same time to dedicate or commit. Plus, i'm looking for some serious "my babies and me" time. I LOVE BEING A MOM! even with the whole new set of anxieties that this pregnancy (new baby) is cluing me into, i can't wait to do it all over again.
let's have at it, i'm ready.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Right, so my 30-day challenge is a touch behind. IT'S OK BY ME. I know exactly why and these last two days, paying attention to what my body was screaming was what was important. Sorry computerland.
today is going to be filled with this and that. Yummy coffee. I'm going to try and make stuffed pasta shells. They sound easy enough and can be prepared early so yum yum to that! and finally...drumroll...studying! yes, my exams are one week today and i'm worried. I need to buckle down and figure this jazz out. It's interesting stuff. Let's do this!
have a happy day. i'm ready :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

30 days of fun

What a sensational day to start a beautiful month. Hello June! How nice of you to have arrived with such beauty.
Meandering through blogland i've seen it done where people issue themselves 30-day challenges. This marks day 1 of mine. That's right. I'm going to do this. My challenge: one post every single day this entire month. Length and content don't matter just simply a commitment to jotting something here. So far, i'm doing pretty good :)
I loaded up images from my camera and played with this one taken early this spring. Isn't she pretty?