Thursday, May 29, 2008


yuppers, that's right about how fast this month ran away on me. Some much fun jammed into one simple month. YOWZERS!
I've been doing some reading in my not-so-spare-time, my ME time, my time-outs. I came across this today in a yoga journal and thought it was brilliant:
20 Ways to Feel More Alive
  1. Start a breathing practice.
  2. Express gratitude before meals.
  3. Ride the bus or your bike instead of driving.
  4. Begin each morning with a stretch.
  5. Get a massage on a regular basis.
  6. Smile at strangers.
  7. Plant a garden.
  8. Take a class.
  9. Write a letter.
  10. Move your practice outdoors.
  11. Enjoy a 15-minute afternoon siesta.
  12. Anoint your feet with oil - and a little massage.
  13. See an Ayurvedic doctor to discover your dosha.
  14. Smile in the mirror every morning.
  15. Make dinner for your neighbors.
  16. Take a media fast.
  17. Visit an elderly relative.
  18. Return to a hobby you love.
  19. Sit under a tree for an afternoon.
  20. Tell your family and friends how much you love them.

I'm working on #1 (it will be extremely important for me while in labour). 5 was going all right until things fell a tad off the rails. #6 is so special! i've tried it on neighbors that we haven't met and wow, what a difference a simple smile makes. go for it! smile at the world. #7, i planted my flower pots for the backyard and loved it. next to plant is the front area. #8 i'll be glad when it's over. i could use a class break. #11, yes right, 15-minutes = 2 or 3 hours when you're pregnant but really, who's keeping count? #12 HECK YEAH! the oil is substituted with cream but HECK YEAH! I've found new heaven-in-a-bottle (thank you Olay.) #14 has had me working. If i can smile at strangers, i can smile at myself. 16, an incredible step forward for a celebsmut junkie like me. I have refrained from buying any weeklys and do not watch any Celeb-ish tv shows. TRIPLE ARM PUMP to that! 18, well, i've been reading things i want to read instead of things i have to read. It has been a liberating journey. Plus some of my favorite authors have released new paperbacks. YES! I'm also exploring a few new hobbies. #19 i've mosied through the yard, not quite sitting under a tree but absolutely being outside and soaking it all in. #20 perhaps most important and one i will always work on because i really don't think it can ever be said enough.

So now i'm off until the next time...I'm Ready.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


i have scheduled my studies in a somewhat logical fashion. yes, it is my roll at pulling it all together. this will work (right after i get back to studying after what is turning out to be an extended study break).
i brewed a delicious cup of joe with my mini one-cup machine. LOVE IT! i have a cappuccino maker and can spin out one mean latte but could never get into the whole regular coffee maker deal. really, i just thought i sucked at making coffee so i never bothered because every time i'd tried the brew tasted nasty. this past xmas, we played a fun xmas game and wound up taking home this mini one-cupper. Believing that i sucked at making normal coffee, it went into the cupboard and has been sitting ever since. this past week, i'd had enough and figured i'd try it. at worst i'd end up with a cup of coffee that i wouldn't drink; at best, something i could have again and again. just imagine my surprise when, KACHOW, the perfect pour, straight into my cup ready for the fixing. i thought for a moment that it was just luck, beginner's luck. i gave my pretty little mini maker another roll and KACHOW, another perfect pour. now it's all simply mmmm mmmm yummy goodness for this lady. a huge bonus is i just make one cup at a time, no pot to worry about, no wasted liquid, and cleaning the whole device takes a split second. added bonus: the liquid temp is perfect for me - hot enough that by the time i sit down, it's drinkable. not a burn-my-lips-wait-to-cool-too-cold-now deal, simply a drip-mix-sit-sip deal. again, yum yum and YES FOR ME! Hip hip hooray!
ok, enough outta me now, it's back to the books.
be back soon!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


in the books, that is. A month to go until exams and i'm pumping up the study time.

i would love to go for a massage. my back and shoulders have been bugging me BIG TIME lately. Things have gotten heavy but someday they will become light again!

I've sprained my middle finger and am working on remembering that it hurts to move it. I had it buddy taped for a while but the tape started making me crazy. Now, i keep forgetting that it hurts to move/use it and am wincing in pain. Oh me oh my! How long do these things take to heal? Please, please feel better soon.

Well, study break is almost over, back to the books i go.