Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mission: August

A few posts back i'd posted a mini-mission list for the month. Here's the recap and comments:

Mission: Pack my hospital bag (weird how everything for the baby is ready but i have no clue what i need). This can be crossed off. I got everything together and remembered to take it all with me to the hospital. Aside from needing some food (our hosp cuisine was rancid!), i had everything i needed. WOOT!
Mission: Put my living room and dining room back together. Either find a home for everything or ship it off to another home. Both rooms were put back together and rearranged. YES! The "home or gone" i'm still working on. It's more an isolated tub of mish mash that has me overwhelmed. This is going to be done in September.
Mission: Get the laundry caught up including that awful basket of socks that just seems to keep getting bigger.It WAS caught up. I now have a few loads on the go and a few pretty baskets all folded and waiting to be put away. Something so simple. Get my lazy butt going on this. C'mon now.
Mission: TAKE MORE PICTURES! Check check check! Not only am i taking more pictures, my little mister is snap happy and I LOVE IT! I even took my own birth announcement pic which i have fallen in love with.
Mission: Have Baby. YES! I did it - drug-free - and i learned so much about me and some of the people that i love most. Amazing. WOOT WOOT WOOT
Mission: Read more. Well, i've certainly bought more books. I'm struggling to get to the end of Eat, Pray, Love and don't understand why. It is such a beautiful book. Such raw emotion, real words, beauty. I have also started digging away at my textbook. Woo hoo!

That's it, that's all. I am happy with what i got done. I will attack a whole new set of missions for September. Perhaps some that are slightly more ambitious, perhaps a few that are slightly slack. Ready ready ready.

Sweet August

What a sweet month! so filled with surprises, change and love. Our new addition joined us on August 18 and has filled our world with more everything. We shifted into slow gear and have enjoyed all of the moments over the last two weeks. So much wonder and amazement. So much love.
With September just a few hours away, it's time to kick it up into high gear. Rock the place! Start a party. JAZZ HANDS...Let's see them, folks. September means school is back for another round. My little man is into his last year of nursery - and to think it was only yesterday that he and i walked hand in hand to his first "try-it-out" day. I'm back into a course AND I WILL succeed. This should be a combo course for me - half theory, half hands-on application of learning. I think this is more my thing. Straight theory or straight hands on isn't so much up my alley. Progress will be posted. Crack out the pom poms, cheer me along :)
Stay tuned for a September Goals list to be posted. I'm working on one.
Thanks for a great month, August 2008! You are pasted in my heart forever.
September, watch out, I'm ready!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stick a fork in me

i'm done! Yes, this oven is in cool down mode. It's time to just take the baking out and let it relax for a while. 9 months is a long time to be cooking something up. C'mon baby of mine. We're all anxious to hold you, kiss you, cuddle you, know you.

i've registered for school again. AND I WILL SUCCEED! i'm ready to be disciplined the way i know i can be. i'm ready to bust my tail and soak up everything. and i will get a jump start on the course for septemeber. READY!

i've reorganized a bookshelf. it looks more composed. perhaps a pic will eventually make it up here. i didn't take a before shot. it was a disaster. i had rather heavy items on the middle shelf and the clips that held the shelf up busted. Imagine the bookslide! it's all right now though. I improvised for new clips (screws worked...woo hoo!), rethought the layout, and am beyond pleased with the outcome. Yes! i am happy when things work.

i have some laundry glaring at me from the ironing board. there are also some school things that need to get organized sitting on my table. they are competing with the laundry for my attention. i'm going to move. Shake it shake it!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pick at me

yes please. Pick at me. I'm very pregnant with no immediate end in sight although the official due date is this week.
it is absolutely possible that i'm ultra emotional right now and it feels like full time work to keep things under control. at least i think i'm doing a pretty ok job here. today, one person after the next has just been rubbing at me the right way of wrong. do not call to bitch at me about my son. he is mine. do not call to bitch at me about my husband. he is mine. do not tell me anything that contradicts anything you may have previously led me to believe. i may snap.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sneak attack

YACK! Hi August! What a nice surprise. I woke up yesterday knowing full well that it was the start of a new wonderful month only to forget about it as the day wore along. This month is jam packed with excitement. Our new person is scheduled to arrive any day now. How crazy cool is that? There is still so much that i need to do! Good grief.
Now i know i fell off the Mission train a while ago but, a new month is great for a fresh start. So, here's a list of Missions for me and August. We will succeed together.
Mission: Pack my hospital bag (weird how everything for the baby is ready but i have no clue what i need).
Mission: Put my livingroom and diningroom back together. Either find a home for everything or ship it off to another home.
Mission: Get the laundry caught up including that awful basket of socks that just seems to keep getting bigger.
Mission: Have Baby.
Mission: Read more.
Now, if the order of my August missions as i've outlined here have some weird way of influencing the way they will happen in Life then i'd best be getting my tail moving. This baby needs to come out.
Let's do this, i'm ready!