Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sneak attack

YACK! Hi August! What a nice surprise. I woke up yesterday knowing full well that it was the start of a new wonderful month only to forget about it as the day wore along. This month is jam packed with excitement. Our new person is scheduled to arrive any day now. How crazy cool is that? There is still so much that i need to do! Good grief.
Now i know i fell off the Mission train a while ago but, a new month is great for a fresh start. So, here's a list of Missions for me and August. We will succeed together.
Mission: Pack my hospital bag (weird how everything for the baby is ready but i have no clue what i need).
Mission: Put my livingroom and diningroom back together. Either find a home for everything or ship it off to another home.
Mission: Get the laundry caught up including that awful basket of socks that just seems to keep getting bigger.
Mission: Have Baby.
Mission: Read more.
Now, if the order of my August missions as i've outlined here have some weird way of influencing the way they will happen in Life then i'd best be getting my tail moving. This baby needs to come out.
Let's do this, i'm ready!

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