Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sweet August

What a sweet month! so filled with surprises, change and love. Our new addition joined us on August 18 and has filled our world with more everything. We shifted into slow gear and have enjoyed all of the moments over the last two weeks. So much wonder and amazement. So much love.
With September just a few hours away, it's time to kick it up into high gear. Rock the place! Start a party. JAZZ HANDS...Let's see them, folks. September means school is back for another round. My little man is into his last year of nursery - and to think it was only yesterday that he and i walked hand in hand to his first "try-it-out" day. I'm back into a course AND I WILL succeed. This should be a combo course for me - half theory, half hands-on application of learning. I think this is more my thing. Straight theory or straight hands on isn't so much up my alley. Progress will be posted. Crack out the pom poms, cheer me along :)
Stay tuned for a September Goals list to be posted. I'm working on one.
Thanks for a great month, August 2008! You are pasted in my heart forever.
September, watch out, I'm ready!

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