Saturday, February 28, 2009

Recap: Mission - February.

Well, would you look at that? We've merely blinked and this month is rounding out. I have gained an appreciation for months that are longer that just 28 days. I've also gained insight into time budgeting. Let's check in on missions.

Snail mail some magic I have...although I have not heard if it made it to its destination. Lisa...get anything lately?
Align my education strategy (or lack thereof) Wahooooo! I did, sort of. I dropped one of the spring session courses I was to take. This liberated my heart. Now, I can focus on one textbook and the black and white print contained therein.
Update some important documents Unless a techno wizard whips into my house, plugs in some magic, whips to the post office, and mails the stuff away, this was a flunk; however, today is still not over...and I believe in magic.
Organize our tax packages (joy!) With one paper yet to arrive, one paper that I need to inquire about, and one paper that I need to print, this is a YES!
Take a nice relaxing bath rather than just 7 minute sprinkles in the shower Sure. I was able to run a bath and jump in the water. Just as my mind started to melt away, someone needed something. So, it was more than a shower but less than I had hoped. Semi-successful.
Get rid of couch that is just taking up space You betcha I did. I didn't just get rid of it. I gave it to someone who is putting it to good use. I like what it feels like to give.
Set up scrapbooking station Well, the techno wizard that might have my number today is bringing along a friend. Can you see my delusional vision? No. This is not done.
Acquire audio equipment I know where it is. I just haven't brought it home yet. TO DO.
Get the beloved red car fixed Ta Da! The cherry bomb car has been fixed.
Read a book (February is I Love to Read month!) I did. I read this book. It was one I've been kicking around for awhile. Predictable. Easy read. No real surprise. It's over. I read.
Pass along what I have ready to go I have passed along some and have more boxed and ready to go.

Done deal. March, are you coming in like a lion or in like a lamb? I can't wait to find out.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Rock Out.

We celebrated our niece's third birthday this evening. I was scared to hold that baby child when she was born. Now, I can't get enough of her. She was so tiny. She is growing so beautiful. I wish her happiness and health.
Tomorrow marks the end of this sweet short month. Let's rock and roll!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

14 Pounds.

That's what's left to go until I hit pre-pregnancy pounds. No gym. No set routine. No one pushing me along but me. I've just been dancing around and jazzing up my world the way I can.
Watch for March Missions. I've got some serious clothing to switch up. Here Here!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Over and out.

Smack dab! I must be getting seriously old or something is going wiggy because I can't seem to tell my head from my ass these days. Way too much trying to happen all at the same time. I need a maid to clean, a tutor to whip some techy talk into my brain, a clone to entertain my kidlets, a personal assistant to keep me in order, and a serious bottle of wine to blur things all together.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Split Second.

Blink and it's gone. Today happened that fast. Whoooooooooosh!
I am very quickly understanding that children do not belong in their parents' bed. No matter how small they are they seem to take over the entire thing. Steven will lay diagonally or horizontally across our bed leaving minimal space for us to use. This morning, Kamila woke and I brought her into our bed to cuddle and just chill. We dozed off. Upon waking, I realized I was barely hanging onto the edge. She had skooched her little tail all the way against me. Every time I think to myself maybe this time they will learn to share. Someday...
I'm knitting myself mitts. Just like that. The yarn I've got is too thick which should make the mitts a shave bulky but warm. Stay tuned for what they look like. I'm almost done the first one. I'm finding fulfilment in this bizarre creative outlet. Who knows what I'll drum up next.
Tomorrow ... tomorrow has laundry written all over it. I suppose some things just have got to get done. Plain and simple.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Great Way.

Today. Monday. Yes! If there was any better way to start a week, I'm not sure how it would be. We woke smiling. We played. We shopped. We had some serious fun, me and my kidlets. Together. We were. My little chatty cat was yapping off her big bro's ear right from go. She says, "Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa." Today, what she meant was, "Let's get out of the house and shake our tail feathers out."
My darling. He was checking out one of his new treasures.
My sweet butterbug. I think she realized that she didn't have our undivided attention and unleashed a momentary fit immediately after this shot fired.
This is a new cardigan that she got. I think I need one in my size.
This is her pretty dress.
The penguin is a finger puppet we came across in our adventures. It called to me. It was a silent little reminder that Zia wasn't with us carrying something, chasing someone, pushing the stroller, commenting, whatever. It was a moment for me. It was the cherry that completed an almost perfect outing. I'm adjusting....slowly.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rewind, Retrace, Redo.

With only one week left in this beautiful crazy chaotic month, I sit and wonder where it's all going. I have way too many things left to accomplish. I need to focus on the words in the title of my post.
Today was filled with chaos. A friend of mine is selling her house privately and needed help organizing her open house. She'd never done this before. I'd never either. While I'm confident she will see some serious results based on the number of appearing interested families and return visitors to the open house, I also gained a rather fierce respect for real estate agents. I have a headache and a mind racing from the insanity. Here's hoping it was a one-shot open house.
Let's get this girl moving. The kitchen fairy seems to have skipped my house today. So did the laundry fairy, the mopping fairy, the ... you get the point.
I'm sure I can squeeze a few more hours out of you tonight, Sunday. Here we go!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Can you see the glow from my TV screen? There are movies that just make me stop and sit to watch them. Tonight is a night for me to be.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A little bit of luck

That's what I'm hoping for right now. There is an odd opportunity that may be arising. While it is not my ideal image, it is absolutely better than the picture I otherwise envision right now. Career wise it's a bit of a back step to where I was but I am liking the idea right now. Wish me a little bit of luck...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Late today, as the sun was dropping, I saw my boy sitting in the chair by the window. Everything about the moment was beautiful. I asked him if we could take some pictures. He happily agreed. Elated, I grabbed the first camera at my fingertips and snapped away. He was a goof and I had more than a few messy shots. In the midst of all the blur, there were a few snaps that show the innocence that still kisses his cheeks. The gentle whirl of an unknown future in his eyes. The grace with which he ventures forth. My beautiful son.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Today

Hello Friday! I am extremely excited that you made it here this week. The day started with beautiful sunshine streaming in the windows and you just know good things happen on days like that.
Days like today make me see just how fast these babes of mine are growing.and makes me want to pull the emergency brake to slow things down just that much. Steven has caught a cold again which isn't so cool. He's a trooper. He came very early this morning and curled in with me. I love mornings with him. Kamila is pure sweetness. She wakes and is simply happy. She has some of the funniest faces. She sucks on her tongue or makes BRRRROOOOOM sounds that are just bliss. Her little screams, the innocence in her laughs. Oh, I could go on and on. Who could pass this up?

Tomorrow is Valentine's day and I like that. We don't have anything fancy planned but that's ok. I'm entirely happy with a fun filled day of family. Cheers for that! I came across this link and love it. It's worth the watch.
Happy Everything to Everyone!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


That's how I've been feeling lately. So many things to do and just not enough hours in any given day. I'm looking forward to the long weekend for some serious family time.

I have a creative surge that is itching. It has begun screaming at me in my sleep - either that or I'm becoming awkwardly paranoid of the night.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not So Monster Jam.

Monster Jam was meh. I wasn't sure what my expectations were before going but beside from the awesome rumble in my insides, the rest of the show was pretty disappointing. The afternoon out with my son was incredible.

Friday, February 6, 2009


It is late. My children are in bed. Tomorrow is going to be packed with some serious me-and-my-boy-doing-crazy-loud-things (read: MONSTER JAM!). I should be in bed, too.
The cat and dog that reside here are writing death wishes as they seem to think now is the time to rip through the house chasing each other and knocking everything they can to the floor. KILL KILL!

Mission: February

February is running away and I am behind on blogging BIG TIME.
Missions this month again are few but real important.
  1. Snail mail some magic
  2. Align my education strategy (or lack thereof)
  3. Update some important documents
  4. Organize our tax packages (joy!)
  5. Take a nice relaxing bath rather than just 7 minute sprinkles in the shower
  6. Get rid of couch that is just taking up space
  7. Set up scrapbooking station
  8. Acquire audio equipment
  9. Get the beloved red car fixed
  10. Read a book (February is I Love to Read month!)
  11. Pass along what I have ready to go

At for least today, this looks simple.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recap: Mission - January

January was interesting.

1. Pick up frames and put images into them. Sweet! I have caught on to the whole frame thing that I have more pictures waiting for frames.
2. Get the hangings on the wall. The one important one is up. The rest is rearranging what is already on the walls.
3. Replace the teenie tiny drill bit that I busted...SHHHH! Don't tell. Not only did I replace the one I broke, I bought a mini back up one and another pack of slightly bigger ones that work perfect for what I need.
4. Print pictures. C'mon now, what's the point of taking them if you don't print them? I printed over 130 pics. I've also sorted them and scrapbooked some. SCORE!
5. Get the music area set up. You bet I did.
6. Take down the tree. Oh yes. Branches in a box until next time ...
7. Celebrate all the excitement, even if some will be bittersweet. Emotionally charged sums it up nicely.
8. Book a massage. I have the awesomest RMT. The massage was perfect.