Saturday, February 28, 2009

Recap: Mission - February.

Well, would you look at that? We've merely blinked and this month is rounding out. I have gained an appreciation for months that are longer that just 28 days. I've also gained insight into time budgeting. Let's check in on missions.

Snail mail some magic I have...although I have not heard if it made it to its destination. Lisa...get anything lately?
Align my education strategy (or lack thereof) Wahooooo! I did, sort of. I dropped one of the spring session courses I was to take. This liberated my heart. Now, I can focus on one textbook and the black and white print contained therein.
Update some important documents Unless a techno wizard whips into my house, plugs in some magic, whips to the post office, and mails the stuff away, this was a flunk; however, today is still not over...and I believe in magic.
Organize our tax packages (joy!) With one paper yet to arrive, one paper that I need to inquire about, and one paper that I need to print, this is a YES!
Take a nice relaxing bath rather than just 7 minute sprinkles in the shower Sure. I was able to run a bath and jump in the water. Just as my mind started to melt away, someone needed something. So, it was more than a shower but less than I had hoped. Semi-successful.
Get rid of couch that is just taking up space You betcha I did. I didn't just get rid of it. I gave it to someone who is putting it to good use. I like what it feels like to give.
Set up scrapbooking station Well, the techno wizard that might have my number today is bringing along a friend. Can you see my delusional vision? No. This is not done.
Acquire audio equipment I know where it is. I just haven't brought it home yet. TO DO.
Get the beloved red car fixed Ta Da! The cherry bomb car has been fixed.
Read a book (February is I Love to Read month!) I did. I read this book. It was one I've been kicking around for awhile. Predictable. Easy read. No real surprise. It's over. I read.
Pass along what I have ready to go I have passed along some and have more boxed and ready to go.

Done deal. March, are you coming in like a lion or in like a lamb? I can't wait to find out.

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