Monday, February 23, 2009

Great Way.

Today. Monday. Yes! If there was any better way to start a week, I'm not sure how it would be. We woke smiling. We played. We shopped. We had some serious fun, me and my kidlets. Together. We were. My little chatty cat was yapping off her big bro's ear right from go. She says, "Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa." Today, what she meant was, "Let's get out of the house and shake our tail feathers out."
My darling. He was checking out one of his new treasures.
My sweet butterbug. I think she realized that she didn't have our undivided attention and unleashed a momentary fit immediately after this shot fired.
This is a new cardigan that she got. I think I need one in my size.
This is her pretty dress.
The penguin is a finger puppet we came across in our adventures. It called to me. It was a silent little reminder that Zia wasn't with us carrying something, chasing someone, pushing the stroller, commenting, whatever. It was a moment for me. It was the cherry that completed an almost perfect outing. I'm adjusting....slowly.

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