Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recap: Mission - January

January was interesting.

1. Pick up frames and put images into them. Sweet! I have caught on to the whole frame thing that I have more pictures waiting for frames.
2. Get the hangings on the wall. The one important one is up. The rest is rearranging what is already on the walls.
3. Replace the teenie tiny drill bit that I busted...SHHHH! Don't tell. Not only did I replace the one I broke, I bought a mini back up one and another pack of slightly bigger ones that work perfect for what I need.
4. Print pictures. C'mon now, what's the point of taking them if you don't print them? I printed over 130 pics. I've also sorted them and scrapbooked some. SCORE!
5. Get the music area set up. You bet I did.
6. Take down the tree. Oh yes. Branches in a box until next time ...
7. Celebrate all the excitement, even if some will be bittersweet. Emotionally charged sums it up nicely.
8. Book a massage. I have the awesomest RMT. The massage was perfect.

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