Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rewind, Retrace, Redo.

With only one week left in this beautiful crazy chaotic month, I sit and wonder where it's all going. I have way too many things left to accomplish. I need to focus on the words in the title of my post.
Today was filled with chaos. A friend of mine is selling her house privately and needed help organizing her open house. She'd never done this before. I'd never either. While I'm confident she will see some serious results based on the number of appearing interested families and return visitors to the open house, I also gained a rather fierce respect for real estate agents. I have a headache and a mind racing from the insanity. Here's hoping it was a one-shot open house.
Let's get this girl moving. The kitchen fairy seems to have skipped my house today. So did the laundry fairy, the mopping fairy, the ... you get the point.
I'm sure I can squeeze a few more hours out of you tonight, Sunday. Here we go!

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