Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Split Second.

Blink and it's gone. Today happened that fast. Whoooooooooosh!
I am very quickly understanding that children do not belong in their parents' bed. No matter how small they are they seem to take over the entire thing. Steven will lay diagonally or horizontally across our bed leaving minimal space for us to use. This morning, Kamila woke and I brought her into our bed to cuddle and just chill. We dozed off. Upon waking, I realized I was barely hanging onto the edge. She had skooched her little tail all the way against me. Every time I think to myself maybe this time they will learn to share. Someday...
I'm knitting myself mitts. Just like that. The yarn I've got is too thick which should make the mitts a shave bulky but warm. Stay tuned for what they look like. I'm almost done the first one. I'm finding fulfilment in this bizarre creative outlet. Who knows what I'll drum up next.
Tomorrow ... tomorrow has laundry written all over it. I suppose some things just have got to get done. Plain and simple.

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