Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crapshoot Tuesday

That's right. Maile is a photographer from way down south. She is the genius behind Relish Photography. More details on her whole Crapshoot Tuesday deal can be found here. Her awesome website is here.
So this week, I'm jumping in.
I snapped this one when my daughter was eight days old. It's out of focus, awkward, not looking "right" but I love it. There is something so new, so pure in her little eyes. The pensive twist of her lips. The newness of her everything. Dream big, baby girl!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Supercharged Learning Mode

I'm taking a leap. Two feet together and let's just jump right on in.
It's time to ramp things up into SERIOUS mode. I'm understanding more about this whole camera stuff. It's try-it-or-bust in my world right now. I'm trying it. I spent some time with someone else who is learning, too. She helped make some things make sense for me. The whole day was spent with my baby girl [WHO IS A ROCK STAR!] just being snap happy. Talk about crazy awesome.
I kicked the faithful Pentax into Learning Mode and just tried changing settings. The camera manual pdf was open on the computer screen. It was kickass. Click click clickeroo. There is so much to learn it is unbelievable and overwhelming...almost.
I looked at the very first image that rolled off the memory card and started asking questions. Rather than rattle them all off and be handed the answers, I've been pondering them trying to find my own answers. Wouldn't you know it, I believe I'm on to something. I couldn't understand why this image, among others, turned out so grainy. So I read and read and read some more. Improper ISO is what I've come up with. I had it set high - way too high. I'm attributing this incorrect setting to the amount of noise in the image. [Side note: Even if it wasn't planned this way, I LOVE the way this shot has turned out.]
Coming up: investments and more Learning Mode. It is SOOOO HARD waiting when I feel so ready.

On the agenda for this week: Some quality time with my dear dentist. Polish up these pretties, please oh please! Some more serious textbook time. My mid-term is nearing due and I need to move my hiney. Hopefully some sunny warm days to get the kidlets out just a few more times before the snow flies. A new exercise routine which includes me getting up and moving early. Laundry and other household tidbits. C'est la vie.
Let's rock out now. I am so ready!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'd rather be

sitting outside in the cold rain.
planning Christmas shopping adventures.
sipping coffee.
knitting my blanket.
curled up in bed dressed in comfy clothes and reading a good book.
snuggled on the couch watching a super movie.
holding my sleeping baby in my arms.
kissing my rough and tough little man.
talking with my incredible husband.

Instead, I'm opening my textbook and trying to get into a mindset that will get my ass into this course I need to pass. I really really REALLY need to find my ready.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Doctors and Apples

Hi Monday! Thanks for keeping me alive.
Today was a trip to the doctor for a check up and shots. Not cool. Not fun. But, we've come out the other side just a shake stronger. I'm very glad that (a) we have a family doctor; (b) he's rockout awesome and super quick with the notsofun stuff; (c) WE ARE HEALTHY.
Along the road home was the super slick Vic's Fruit Market fully stocked with Honeycrisp Apples. I accidently picked them up last year and they were the most incredible apples I'd ever tasted. This year I patiently waited with anticipation for their arrival and learned no one seems to have them in. No one but Vic's! We will not discuss the price on the apples because it does not matter when they are this amazing. Now if it's true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, these are the mack daddy of them all. I am so ready for a taste.
Here's the Rocketpop table centers for Kamila's baptism. I'm pumped. I need to get moving on the invites. Such a cool celebration. Such a wonderful life.

I've a few real important things to do and some not-so-important ones so, without anymore jabber, I'm off.
Ready ready ready!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Roll Over, Rover

They are growing. Fast. Faster than I ever thought could happen.
One of my favorite things to do is listen and watch as my son chatters away. The things he says are stunning. He is the master of his world. We just get the privilege of sharing it with him. Maybe we even get the chance to leave a lasting impression on him. He drew me a picture today. He brought it over to me and told me it was my friend, Zia Lisa (my sister). Her and I have spoke few words this past week. I choked on my tears. I'm framing the picture.
Our baby girl is two months now. She, too, is chatting up everything. Her eyes have such an intensity in them, such a glow. The stories she tells are simply sensational. Her coos are so soft. My heart swallows them all. She's started to roll up onto her side. We are so close to a complete roll over. So awesome. So blessed.
Please, Time, slow down. Even if only just a drop. Let me enjoy this. Let me remember this. Let me live this wholly.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Doorways and Adventures

With every door closed, a new one is opened...or so I've heard the saying go. I'm intrigued both by literal and by figurative doorways. What is opening and closing for you lately?

I'm having an accomplishing day. The oven is self-cleaning. I have never used a self-cleaner before and think I should have asked the cat for directions. Something so simple with about 532 things that you aren't told. I've learned that I cannot use any of the elements on the stovetop while self-clean mode is on. What! Dishes are drying. Counters are clean. I've Magic Erasered the front of the dishwasher and the front of the stove. I've vacuumed the back entrance. I've shaken out the carpet. I've put dinner on to marinade. I've washed laundry. Folding and putting it away are next on the list. The baby is napping. I'm running up ideas in my mind of the things I'm doing, the things I want to do, the things I need to do.

Our new doors are being installed. There is so much light that filters in my back entrance. It is beautiful.

What I'm really doing is trying to keep myself busy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Try a little harder to be a little better.
~Gordon B. Hinckley

A long time ago I read somewhere that a grain of salt in the ocean goes almost unnoticed. But that same grain of salt in a glass of water makes it almost undrinkable.
This continues to circle my thoughts.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


That's me. One. Only. Individual. Unique. Me. I. AM.
I have a family. I have morals, values, truths. I know responsibility. I believe in forgiveness. I appreciate second chances.
I love my life.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Stop and give thanks

The super duper Tiber River blog on Friday asked what we are most thankful for. I knew my answer right away. It was this:
I am thankful for many things. I am MOST thankful for Time. It is what allows me to enjoy and appreciate every other thing I have and experience. Even in sickness, the one thing asked for is just a bit more time.
The whole weekend has had me thinking about this. Time. I know that my Time with people is changing.
After today, I am beleiving that Time also heals all things. I have to believe. It's what will keep me. So I wait...
Ready.......or not.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

So not well

I have been under the weather and negligent. A cold bug bit my ass and has taken me for a straight spin. Fever, chills, puke, cough, snot nastys, sore itchy eyes, the works. Add to the mix some serious sciatic nerve issues and a dash of crazy. Simmer and stir occasionally and you've got a pot of me right now. I am still swimming in this soup. Earlier this afternoon I started to perk up for the first time all week and rolled with it. My head is still clouded but I'm conscious and moving and that's all that matters.
I put together three scrapbook pages. SWEET! I had no idea that my foggy head could be so creative ... so simple. I used to think that scrapbooking had to be all crazy and wild. A million zillion details and tiny pretty things. Totally techniques and tips from 'insiders' with incredible creativity, etc. I have decided that I'm not waiting anymore. I don't need everything. I can create anything with anything. Sometimes it is the simplicity in the things that we make that makes them so special. I started a theme with my sister called SIMPLE and it seems to be catching on to my whole life. Everything is becoming simple. I'm not waiting for this and that or something else. I'm ready. I'm doing and I'm loving this. Someday I might look back on these pages and think how boring they may look or how elementary they seem. On the other hand, someday I might look back on these pages and remember how cool it felt to just do it. Break through the fear and not care what anyone else thinks now in this moment or in the future because right now, I went for it.
I have a handful of baptism favours left to finish and that's ready to roll. I've made my table centers (picture to follow...I need some natural light and not these yellow glow fluorescent). They are sweet - literally. Pretty little rocket lollipop flower arrangements that I made. I am going to rock out the invitations this week just as soon as I confirm the restaurant for the reception.
After I'd finished all the crafty stuff around here, I PUT AWAY all the craft stuff. Normally, I leave it all out on the table thinking that I'm going to pick it up again tomorrow so there would be no point to putting it all away. After staring at the stacks of craft things cluttering my dining room table for weeks now, today I cleaned it all up in a neat and organized manner. Paper with paper in the paper sorter thing. Stamps in a box, inks in another. I even went so far as to put away the picture albums and picture box that I had scattered out on the table. Now, while there are still items on the table, the majority of the clutter is put away in logical places - places where they belong. Everything has its place and every place has its thing. Ogni cosa ha il suo posto; ogni posto ha il suo cosa. My Nonna says this all the time. I'm finally FINALLY starting to catch on. What's cluttering your life? What's out of place? Where does it all belong?
I am going to find my wish book. I started one months ago to cut down on impulse buying. It sort of worked...until I put the book somewhere that I can't remember. I'm on a mission to tighten up around this place. Snapdog the books back into something snazzy. I would like to rekindle the wish book. Wish Book, oh, Wish Book. Wherefore art thou my Wish Book?
That's it for now. See you again soon, Blogland! I missed you all last week and need to catch up!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Mission: October

All right now. Let's rock this out.
  1. Get back on track with my course. It's interesting and fun and informative and I want to.
  2. Finish the Baptism stuff. Invites, favours, decor, attire.
  3. Read The Road.
  4. Complete knitting the remain purple yarn. Assess the size of the blanket and make a decision about what to do.
  5. Plan and place the stamp club order.
  6. Kick off BE ME, organized and ready!
  7. Hang the pics in the living room and the bedroom.
  8. Clean up the dreaded sock basket. UGH!
  9. Get to the mantle and the misc. basket.
  10. Put the tools away in the tool box where they belong. Every thing has its place and every place has its thing.
  11. Keep planning Christmas. My gift bin is rolling and I'm happy about that.
  12. Hang my to do board.
  13. Get Halloween in order. Costumes, candy, fun fun fun!

I'm sure there are a hundred things I'm not thinking of that need to be done but that's it for now. A touch late but Hi October! Let's run together, I'm ready.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Too much time

Seriously, some people have way to much freakin' time on their hands. Some days, I can't even find time to stop and pee. Today I learned that some people have time to call Animal Services and complain about my cat WHOM IS NOT ALLOWED OUTSIDE LOOSE but sometimes runs out. I got a pretty pink notice from the wonderful agency advising me of the complaint that my cat was "running at large" and had bit theirs.
Now, I am not for promoting animal fighting at all. Nor do I believe that anyone should have to put up with someone else's animal disturbing them. If I see an animal that doesn't belong, I shoo it away. Yes, I have shooed cats that don't belong to me out of my yard. Isn't that what normal people do? There is a whack job in the neighbourhood that has time to file complaints rather than shoo.
Cue in my darling husband to the rescue. He waltzes over to the culprit and has a civil discussion with her husband...something to the effect of "if there was a disturbance we're sorry. there is no need to cause commotion placing complaints, etc." The culprit joins the conversation and explains the story including filing the complaint and ever so kindly mentions that she did NOT witness the alleged attack; rather, she assumed that it must have been our cat because of the grey fur left behind at the scene. EXCUSE ME! Back up the whole bus. Our cat is black & white. After Hubby pointed this out he got an "oops" and the culprit scampered away.
Some days I really wonder about people. If you must complain, please line your ducks up in a row.

All right, now that my vent is over...I'm working on trying to pack 52 hours worth of need-to-dos into the 24 hours that are in a day. My October mission post will come soon. I'm to-doing and kicking my tail into focus mode and high gear.
Oh dear, I'm ready!