Sunday, October 26, 2008

Supercharged Learning Mode

I'm taking a leap. Two feet together and let's just jump right on in.
It's time to ramp things up into SERIOUS mode. I'm understanding more about this whole camera stuff. It's try-it-or-bust in my world right now. I'm trying it. I spent some time with someone else who is learning, too. She helped make some things make sense for me. The whole day was spent with my baby girl [WHO IS A ROCK STAR!] just being snap happy. Talk about crazy awesome.
I kicked the faithful Pentax into Learning Mode and just tried changing settings. The camera manual pdf was open on the computer screen. It was kickass. Click click clickeroo. There is so much to learn it is unbelievable and overwhelming...almost.
I looked at the very first image that rolled off the memory card and started asking questions. Rather than rattle them all off and be handed the answers, I've been pondering them trying to find my own answers. Wouldn't you know it, I believe I'm on to something. I couldn't understand why this image, among others, turned out so grainy. So I read and read and read some more. Improper ISO is what I've come up with. I had it set high - way too high. I'm attributing this incorrect setting to the amount of noise in the image. [Side note: Even if it wasn't planned this way, I LOVE the way this shot has turned out.]
Coming up: investments and more Learning Mode. It is SOOOO HARD waiting when I feel so ready.

On the agenda for this week: Some quality time with my dear dentist. Polish up these pretties, please oh please! Some more serious textbook time. My mid-term is nearing due and I need to move my hiney. Hopefully some sunny warm days to get the kidlets out just a few more times before the snow flies. A new exercise routine which includes me getting up and moving early. Laundry and other household tidbits. C'est la vie.
Let's rock out now. I am so ready!

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