Sunday, October 19, 2008

Roll Over, Rover

They are growing. Fast. Faster than I ever thought could happen.
One of my favorite things to do is listen and watch as my son chatters away. The things he says are stunning. He is the master of his world. We just get the privilege of sharing it with him. Maybe we even get the chance to leave a lasting impression on him. He drew me a picture today. He brought it over to me and told me it was my friend, Zia Lisa (my sister). Her and I have spoke few words this past week. I choked on my tears. I'm framing the picture.
Our baby girl is two months now. She, too, is chatting up everything. Her eyes have such an intensity in them, such a glow. The stories she tells are simply sensational. Her coos are so soft. My heart swallows them all. She's started to roll up onto her side. We are so close to a complete roll over. So awesome. So blessed.
Please, Time, slow down. Even if only just a drop. Let me enjoy this. Let me remember this. Let me live this wholly.

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