Thursday, October 2, 2008

Too much time

Seriously, some people have way to much freakin' time on their hands. Some days, I can't even find time to stop and pee. Today I learned that some people have time to call Animal Services and complain about my cat WHOM IS NOT ALLOWED OUTSIDE LOOSE but sometimes runs out. I got a pretty pink notice from the wonderful agency advising me of the complaint that my cat was "running at large" and had bit theirs.
Now, I am not for promoting animal fighting at all. Nor do I believe that anyone should have to put up with someone else's animal disturbing them. If I see an animal that doesn't belong, I shoo it away. Yes, I have shooed cats that don't belong to me out of my yard. Isn't that what normal people do? There is a whack job in the neighbourhood that has time to file complaints rather than shoo.
Cue in my darling husband to the rescue. He waltzes over to the culprit and has a civil discussion with her husband...something to the effect of "if there was a disturbance we're sorry. there is no need to cause commotion placing complaints, etc." The culprit joins the conversation and explains the story including filing the complaint and ever so kindly mentions that she did NOT witness the alleged attack; rather, she assumed that it must have been our cat because of the grey fur left behind at the scene. EXCUSE ME! Back up the whole bus. Our cat is black & white. After Hubby pointed this out he got an "oops" and the culprit scampered away.
Some days I really wonder about people. If you must complain, please line your ducks up in a row.

All right, now that my vent is over...I'm working on trying to pack 52 hours worth of need-to-dos into the 24 hours that are in a day. My October mission post will come soon. I'm to-doing and kicking my tail into focus mode and high gear.
Oh dear, I'm ready!

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