Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Recap: Mission - September

To keep me on track, now is a great time to check on how I did for my missions.
Mission: September
Keep taking pics. I will get better, i know it! Kachow! I kept my camera close and have even started to figure out some pretty basic click things.
Get laundry put away and organize baskets. This mission has taught me that in a house with two children, there is no such thing as "laundry put away." I'm going to check this one off because I have a semi-system in place for the task.
Stay on top of studying. FLUNK! Yup, I've bombed this one for the month. October is mega stuffed with the textbooks and assignments. I'm lining up the train on the right track.
Complete the birth announcements. Completed, mailed, woot!
Book the baptism. After a bit of unnecessary panic, this has worked out. Booked and ready to go.
Celebrate out 1st anniversary. We sure did!
Create 2 picture boards. I have started the picture boards. Apparently I don't have as many pictures floating around as I had first thought because the boards looking a bit too empty for me.
Walk every day. YES! This has been awesome. Even on the day that we had rain I was pumping my legs.
Blog at least once every week. Finally! I've got this blog starting to roll. No more complete randomness - only semi-randomness.
Create my to do board. I get a half star on this one. I've got the board set up *Thanks Lisa and Steven* but it isn't functioning yet. I am going to get it in order and working. I must.
Read one full novel for fun and my sanity. Candidates this month are The Glass House, The Bone Garden, Lisey's Story, Water for Elephants, and The Road. High Fives here! Maybe this is why I've found so much energy to rock this month. I read TWO full novels this month. The Shack, which wasn't on the original candidate list, made me think. It still has me thinking about my perspectives. The Bone Garden I devoured. It was crazy. I think I raced through it so fast because it had my pulse racing with every turned page. Wow.
Complete my Secret Mission for some wonderfully awesome people. Stay tuned. I'm sure this will make the blog. The cards are signed, sealed, and delivered. They were great.
Create ONE FULL scrapbook page layout and put it in an album. All right. I'm saying yes to this even though it became a slightly modified project. I realized that before I can create a page, I want to know what pictures I'm incorporating into it. Since I couldn't make up my mind, I changed my focus. I created a cool mini-project. It works for me.
Organize the misc. living room tub and mantle. FLUNK! I looked at the mantle a few times and did get rid of some junk off it. The tub I touched once. Rifled through thinking to myself I really need to sort this out and then walked away. Soon.
Prepare my xmas planning list. Check to a modification here. I'm working on the planning list. But for the few items that I did figure out, I have already bought and put away. Yes to that!
Find my kitchen table and all 4 chairs that belong with it. Set up the high chair. FLUNK! Only because I can't admit to myself that my baby girl is growing so fast. I don't want the high chair up here yet. That turned into me not wanting to see the table because I associated the table with the high chair. Soon. This mission taught me to be careful when listing my missions because they may stir feelings that I'm not ready for.

Overall, September was a success! Hooray!

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