Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mission: September

September is looking like this for me. On your mark, get set, MISSIONS:

  1. Keep taking pics. I will get better, i know it!
  2. Get laundry put away and organize baskets.
  3. Stay on top of studying.
  4. Complete the birth announcements.
  5. Book the baptism.
  6. Celebrate out 1st anniversary.
  7. Create 2 picture boards.
  8. Walk every day.
  9. Blog at least once every week.
  10. Create my to do board.
  11. Read one full novel for fun and my sanity. Candidates this month are The Glass House, The Bone Garden, Lisey's Story, Water for Elephants, and The Road.
  12. Complete my Secret Mission for some wonderfully awesome people. Stay tuned. I'm sure this will make the blog.
  13. Create ONE FULL scrapbook page layout and put it in an album.
  14. Organize the misc. living room tub and mantle.
  15. Prepare my xmas planning list.
  16. Find my kitchen table and all 4 chairs that belong with it. Set up the high chair.

Yikes! Seems like a whole lotta jazz when i look at it but it all seems possible. Time management. That's what it's about right now. So without further ado, i'm ready!

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