Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dreams part deux

Different ones today. Today is for the dreams you see when you're awake. The wishes you make for yourself.
What are you willing to sacrifice to watch someone else live their dream? If you knew someone was sacrificing their dreams so you could live yours, how would you feel? Would your dreams be different? Is there ever a middle? A halfway point in which everyone can be happy? I sit and think of the dreams I've known and wonder if the conversations were real or just words spoken on the wings of a butterfly in erratic flight. Words sung into a summer's breeze. Truths were buried inside words strung together to make phrases, sentences, conversations. Was I so naive to believe or is it you blinded by a vision that is not your own?
To coin a phrase from Disney's Robots, "A dream that you don't fight for can haunt you for the rest of your life."
My great-aunt got her call, grew her wings, and flew to heaven this week. I am happy she is in peace and not pain. I am selfishly sad. I continue to steal moments to grieve. Bless her soul and all her wonderfulness. She will always be amazing and an inspiration to me.
Thanks Saturday! Thank you for being today. And beautiful. And mine. Yesterday was productive. I kicked some serious tail on my missions. YES TO THAT! Today was pretty good, too. I'm alive. The kids and i did some visiting, some shopping, and some connecting. Steven and I caught a flick together, ate popcorn, and just hung out. A big applause to perfect Kamila who was so sweet and let us do that. An extra big applause to Steven for being so cool. The rest of today will be filled with remembering and honouring and love. Sweet wonderful love.
So many emotions, so quickly, so strong. I have to find my ready.

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