Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Today

Hello Friday! I am extremely excited that you made it here this week. The day started with beautiful sunshine streaming in the windows and you just know good things happen on days like that.
Days like today make me see just how fast these babes of mine are growing.and makes me want to pull the emergency brake to slow things down just that much. Steven has caught a cold again which isn't so cool. He's a trooper. He came very early this morning and curled in with me. I love mornings with him. Kamila is pure sweetness. She wakes and is simply happy. She has some of the funniest faces. She sucks on her tongue or makes BRRRROOOOOM sounds that are just bliss. Her little screams, the innocence in her laughs. Oh, I could go on and on. Who could pass this up?

Tomorrow is Valentine's day and I like that. We don't have anything fancy planned but that's ok. I'm entirely happy with a fun filled day of family. Cheers for that! I came across this link and love it. It's worth the watch.
Happy Everything to Everyone!

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