Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Moment

I'm thinking right now of my life as a parent of two. With my son wanting that little bit more of Independence every day, there is as much pride as there is pain in his words, "Mommy, I can do it." My heart swells when I walk into my daughter's room as she wakes and her face lights up at a mere glimpse of me. I know the days I have of this are few because all too soon she, too, will yearn to do it on her own.
To be blessed enough to see the two interacting is bliss. Kamila squirms with delight every time Steven is near. Steven shines something fierce as he regularly proclaims that HE is her big brother. I could not have asked for a more instant, solid bond between two people so small. They are synchronized. They are united. They share a love that I can appreciate.
So, my dear babies, hold tight to each other over all that Life is going to lead you through. Know that whatever squabbles will come to spice up the days must be quickly forgiven and even more quickly forgotten. Hold close, hug tight, and love deep.