Friday, January 2, 2009

Seeing Magic

As an aspiring photographer, I'm learning to see the world different. Taking pictures is easy. Anyone can do it especially now with the digital options. But, walk a mile in the shoes of a true photographer and you will quickly understand there are many skills required beyond simply point-and-shoot. I could start spewing fancy phrases and jargon that I'm learning but that isn't where this post is going. The most consistent information that I've been given from an array of photographers is to invest in good lenses. This makes me think. Why the lens? What changes from one to the next? How is one better than another? I picked up my cameras and started clicking away. Here's what I learned from that.
When I raise the camera to my eye and look through the lens, I see different. I don't just see things that form a picture. I look at how the light falls, where the shadows dance, what is going on behind the subject, a quick thought to make sure there are no tree branches growing out of heads or other weird things like that. I'm not able to rely on Photoshop skills because mine are pretty basic so instead I try and capture beautiful with the click. I hope to freeze the moment to create a lifetime memory, to convey in an image the essence of a moment. I want to capture what I see.
Regardless of which lens or which camera I was holding, the moments I was observing did not change. They were filled with magic. The conversations rolled, the emotions were raw and real. The opportunity at hand was available. I realized that the magic we see in pictures has less to do with the picture as such and more to do with the story, the memory, the feelings, the associations we apply.
The lens just sees what we show it. The moments are all magic. The moments are what make the difference.


  1. This shot is gorgeous - full of beautiful magic! :)

  2. Beautiful!! xoxxo