Friday, January 23, 2009

Hum Drum Kinda Day

We woke happy today. Kamila was singing in her crib. Steven cracked open his eyes and smiled. I stretched out and then hit the ground running. No coffee. No Starbucks. No tea.
As the day winds down, my efforts over it look invisible. I put together a couple small photo albums of each of the kidlets. I completed a scrapbook layout. I framed a very special beautiful amazing image of my great-aunt who passed away last fall. I sorted out a few orders that I need to place. I finally made it to the bottom of the disastrous sock basket. I picked up items that have been circling the shopping list because they were finally in stock. I did some banking. I need some serious ideas. Where can I get a great bookshelf? Not the normal three-shelf brown, black, or white. But something funky and chic.
Very slowly I am modernizing our home. It's time. I'm putting together my list of wants. I'm becoming drained with all the mish mash thrown together furniture that doesn't go together more than it does. I bought a set of long royal purple drapes. I took down the ancient beige short drapes in Kamila's room. POW! The room changed in an instant and the light bulb above my head lit right up. I didn't think it modernizing or personalizing or whatever it's called was so simple.
Bottom's up to kick off a stellar weekend. I can feel it! Let's roll...

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