Monday, January 5, 2009

Shivers and Shakes

Rookieroo's clip and snip went well today - although I'm sure if you asked him he might disagree. The tech that brought him to me broke the rules just a tad. She opened his kennel and walked him out to me without a leash. Shhhh! It's apparently a no-no but there was no one else there. I knelt down to greet and hug him. He was so happy his whole body was wagging. It warmed my heart. I completely appreciate when people just know the right thing to do. I really needed the pick-me-up hug. He is great at them. The tech just knew. Thanks for knowing!
The weatherman on the radio kindly pointed out that we have been experiencing an abnormally cold period over the last month or so. Gauging from the frostbite on my knuckles (from my own stupidity!), I hadn't noticed. =insert eye roll here=
At least my Cinnamon Dolce was delicious.
A sweet happy birthday to my husband. I love you.

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