Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Word and My Wish

Hey 2009! Roll in with me. Cuddle up and let's ride. Ready, set, GO!
I learned about one little word from the lovely Ali Edwards.
My word for 2009 is simple. That's it. In my preparations for 2009 I also came up with some neat things that will unveil themselves throughout the coming year. Follow along with me. Join me on this journey.
In a silent moment today where I was lost in thought about many people in my life, I had a revelation. My heart whispered to me. My very soul shone bright and spoke. A wish revealed itself to me. My wish:
To every person in my life, I wish for you that this year be a year for you to find yourself and, in that discovery, may you find yourself with the ones you love. Be true. Dig deep. Love always.
I've been thinking about my missions for this month. I'll blog them soon. I've remembered a tradition where the Christmas tree doesn't come down until after La Befana (epiphany). So, ours is still up and will be until January 7 then it will become branches in a box once again. Tomorrow is garbage & recycling day (I hope!) so it's off for me to bag and box and run it to the curb.

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