Sunday, January 4, 2009

Catlovers and Dogfews

I'm dogsitting my dogfew for the next couple days. I have the honour (pffft!) of taking him for the big snip. Let's keep it on the hush because he's liking me right now. While being with him, I also get to be with my parents' cats.
Animals amaze me. They introduce for me a calmness and tranquillity that I want to learn to live. Unconditional love. Devotion. Comfort. Curiosity. Spontaneity.
Without further ado, meet the pack. (Quickly, all the aliases listed for each animal are ones I use and not necessarily all of them or ones used by others.)
Meet Master Pepsi
AKA Pep, Pepper, Peppercorn
Age: 17 people years
Birth date: unknown. He was a humane society rescue who picked us on my sister's fifth birthday. He was an itty bitty kitty not barely two months. We took him out of the kennel because the spot on his nose caught our eye. He snuggled. We put him back. He made the most terrible noises imaginable. He came home. He got sick, very sick. It was quite the scare but when he came around it was spectacular.
Accomplishments: Despite being clawless, he can still climb trees. Steer clear of his swat as it can bruise you. He is World's Best Purrer EVER! Loves to love. At his age, he still snarls something fierce. He inhales pork chops (I saw him do it!) and enjoys people food.
Look at those extra long whiskers and teenie tiny body. He's always been petite.
Meet Her Royal Highness, Molly.
AKA Mollyollyoctopus, Mollycats, Snoot
Age: 11 people years
Birthday: unknown. Molly was adopted from my aunt. Pepsi picked her. What he wants, he gets.
Tails about Molly: She is selective. This girl goes from super affectionate lovey dovey hop-to-your-hand-for-pet-pet to sneer at you with her hoitey-toitey puff cheeks and soft green eyes. Turn her back at strut away. Silly cat!
Look at those sensational colours.

Mr. Rookie, aka Rook, Rook-a-roni, Rookieroo, Dogfew
Age: 6 months or so
Birthday: mysterious. He has one just not one that we know.
His Story: In preparing to move, my sister adopted this pound puppy and has shown that pound puppies are the best kind there can be. She and I went to the pound to look. He sat so pretty. I don't recall him barking like most of the others. He was calm. Having been there for near two months, his days left were few. He looked to have accepted his fate - just another unwanted. He made Lisa nervous. She's a new owner. He's going to be real big. We went outside and played together. We interacted and observed. We talked. They bonded. He came home.
He will protect her. He will warm her. He will love her. HE told me so.

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