Monday, January 12, 2009

List Over List

I have been bit again by the urge to make lists of everything. With a shitload of things that need to get done, a swirl of things that I want to get done and time travelling faster than the speed of light, I need to restructure. Last year, I had a to do book that disappeared early. For the little while that I had it, it worked. I was on top of things. I am going to get back into this habit starting now. My monthly missions keep the big picture together for me but I need a bit more focus daily. What do you do to stay on top of things?
Today, my list was minimal: two loads of laundry and mail the package I had via Purolator. KACHOW! Blasted these out of the water. It felt great. Tomorrow will be a wee bit more ambitious. It's going to start with "get up early, plan the day, exercise, go for a massage..."
I'm thinking if early is on the agenda, I'd best be dashing to bed. Later dudes!

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