Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pretty Pink Toes

or at least that's the way they look from my view :) I challenged myself to painting my toe nails. From where i'm looking they don't seem that bad. BUT A PROFESSIONAL PEDICURE WOULD BE SO MUCH NICER! My feet are really starting to take a beating. Any volunteers? I'm all for a sensational surprise.
I'm looking forward to a beautiful weekend to rock out June and crank in July. WOWSERS! July already. That marks the halfway point for 2008. Yikes has it gone by so quick (cliche but whatever!). So many changes, a few wonderful and others that stretched our heartstrings. Learning always.
I've started working on some stunning pieces of art. Yes, i said it, art. It should be ready for a reveal by late August. Cut me some slack. There's lots to do and only one of me. Plus a few of the details aren't yet available. And above all it is my art adhering to my schedule and i like that.
There is a basket of laundry glaring at me from across the room wanting to be folded. There is some more that i can hear calling from the dryer just waiting to finish. A vaccuum is silently humming but it will wait until morning.
Enough computer time. I'm rocking out ready.

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