Saturday, September 26, 2009

Those two.

I had a meeting one evening and, as luck would have it, it was an evening where Hubby was working. No problem. I pulled out my supermom cape, saddled up, and got down to it. I had a sitter who was ready. Everything was smooth sailing.
The meeting got under way. Introductions all around. Quick tour to acquaint everyone with the surround - RING RING -. Oooops. That was my cell phone. I quickly excused myself to answer. Kamila was not enjoying herself so much. In fact, she was near melt down. OK. Ummm...Sitter offers up that things should be OK. I assure them that I will be along in half an hour. The meeting was progressing quite quickly. Sitter is OK. Kamila had settled. Great. Where was I? Oh yes, on the tour, heading back to our meeting room. Just a few steps from the door - RING RING -. This time, the sitter is barely audible of the shrill screams of my inconsolable child. In an instant, I excused myself from the meeting, was at the car, and on my way to the rescue.
The drive was perfect. Green lights, no idiots, smooth sailing.
I spin into the driveway, pop it into park, hop out, and sprint for the door.
On the inside, there is silence. The confused look on my face could not have done justice for what was running through my mind. The sitter pointed to the over sized leather recliner. I tiptoed over to where I could see, thinking that I would find my sweet girl asleep. Instead, what I was melted my heart. Words just aren't enough to describe the image. My camera was at home.
There, on that chair, was my girl nestled into the shoulder of her brother, safe, secure, silent. My boy was her console. He calmed her. He was her comfort.
It is an image I hope to see many times over again and one that I want never to forget.
Be still my heart. I am doing everything I know to be a good mom. Seeing moments among them like this one make me believe I am doing something right.

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