Monday, September 7, 2009

Write Away: Labour Day.

TravelinOma posted an awesome post today. Read it here.
If money were no object, I'd like to be a photographer, and work around to ordinary places - that back lane I've walked down everyday of my life, the cobblestone road that leads to my great-grandparents' house, the big basin where women would stand and scrub their clothes clean during days gone by. I'd travel to places the World itself seems to have forgot to appreciate the beauty. I'd visit with and encourage children who are saddled with tasks far beyond their tender years. I'd show women that there is beauty in them at every stage of their lives. I want people to know there is extraordinary in the most ordinary things. I thrive to have humans understand that the very things some do as though it is a right are the same things that others struggle to earn. I love looking backwards and forwards in the same moment. I love showing people with my lens the amazement of what they do, what they are. Money really is no object.

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  1. "Looking backwards and forwards in the same moment." What a great description of photography. I like that you see and want to share the extraordinary in the most ordinary things. Beautiful wording.