Monday, September 21, 2009

Write Away Seminar: Surprise!

TravelinOma is at it again. Her posts prompt my brain to think. Not just think but really think. Sometimes, I have to stew on what I'd like to pick from her options. Sometimes, the words just unleash, my fingers fiercely typing to capture them all. Today, it is the latter.
My pick today is to list 8 ways that I have surprised myself lately.
  1. I've returned to work with ease. I am smart. I know what I know and know when to ask for help.
  2. I have stayed with my studies. I need to reinforce my diligence slightly but in the past, by now, I've thrown in the towel.
  3. I have been packed and ready to go every evening rather than scrambling in panic in the morning.
  4. I completely my life coaching with this coach. The entire coaching experience was so entirely fulfilling. Drop Kathryn a line. Tell her you came from me.
  5. I filed paperwork that has been sitting for so long I'd given up on it.
  6. I soak every drip of time out of each day that I can while being aware of my needs. I know when I can't go anymore and am learning to say no when I just know that I can't.
  7. I've put my foot down and said Enough in an area of my life that was causing grief.
  8. I have made a conscious choice to focus on the positive despite the gremlins that threaten.
  9. I haven't picked up my camera in over a week. This isn't a celebratory item. It is the very opposite, in fact. I am still surprised by this.
  10. I am two baskets away from being caught up on laundry. This is major awesomeness around here. I can't remember the last time I was this close to having it all together.

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