Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Get Serious.

My son is addicted to Teletoon Retro. More specifically, he loves The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show and Merrie Melodies. I also happen to enjoy these cartoons (along with Fraggle Rock and The Raccoons) so I don't oppose much to us watching them.
This evening I was bustling in the kitchen making a stir fry when out of nowhere, he comes in and asks if I have a Slap Chop. I said I have the EuroChopper which is sort of the same. He seemed happy to know that we have one and left. I stood wondering where he would come up with such a thing but you know 5 year olds these days...
Just before bed, we were sitting watching Bugs and a commercial for the Smooth Away comes on. I wasn't paying much attention to the TV when the following conversation came to be.
"Mom, you should stop waxing your legs."
"Son, I enjoy waxing."
"Yeah, but Mom, it hurts."
"Now how would you know this?"
"Well Mom, you should get Smooth Away. It takes all the hair out with no pain. It doesn't hurt at all. Waxing does. The lady on TV said so."
"Son, I'm going to keep waxing but thanks for looking out for me."
The very next commercial was for....you guessed it...Slap Chop.

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