Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mission: December

Three cheers to ring out 2008 with class!
It's a short list this month for missions. They are pretty big ideas.
  1. Mail Christmas cards!
  2. Laugh every day.
  3. Treasure the beauty and magic in the season.
  4. Put the finishing touches on some very very special holiday presents.
  5. Shake the house up a drop.
  6. Connect with my super camera.
  7. Reconnect with my point-and-shoot.
  9. Prepare for 2009.
  10. Keep on track of the textbooks.

Let's go, December. I'm feeling you. Ready!

*A rather nasty funk scrambled all the pictures I had from Kamila's birth. If you have any saved, please send them my way. A VERY HARD LESSON LEARNED!

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