Monday, December 22, 2008

Doodling on the Life's Wallpaper

I was directed to this last year. Ali Edwards is fantastic. I've been thinking about words for the past week. So many keep cycling through my mind. So many that are great. I'm leaning strongly towards one perfect one, though.
For 2008, my word was ready. It has kept me focused, kept me motivated, and pulled me through a few snags, stalls, and detours through year. Thanks Ready! You will always be a part of me. Watch for the unveiling of my 2009 word towards the very end of this month or very early January.
I'm filling in pages of a journal to keep me on track with goals, achievements, growth for the coming new year. I'm developing a plan. I'm making my lists. I'm getting ready.
With just a shake more than a week left in 2008, let's do this. FULL STEAM AHEAD!

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