Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Craptastic and Whys

*Warning: this post contains profanity. Kindly stop reading now or please do not be offended.*
Craptastic. That sums up today. Thanks December 30, 2008. I'm glad there will be just one of you in my life.
Why didn't I listen to the little voice inside that told me to stay in bed this morning? Why didn't I take the cue from the shit coffee that I made? Why didn't I listen to the weather dude that said it felt like -36 after the wind blew the skin off my bones? Why did I think leaving the house today was in order? Why is my Christmas tree still up! Why am I feeling so miserable and rushed and out of breath and exhausted?
Let's change it up. Switch directions.
Dear Christmas Tree, by morning you will be mere branches in a box.
Dear Textbooks - both of you, by Jan 11 will be my bitches!
Dear House in Chaos, by Jan 2 you will have order.
Dear Dog, thanks for being cool.
Dear Cat, thanks for reminding me that bursts of energy happen to all of us.
Dear Children, stop growing so fast. Take my hands and let's simply stroll.
Dear Sister, please don't go. I'm nowhere near ready.

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