Saturday, November 1, 2008

Recap: Mission - October

Talk about a month of flunk. Here's the recap which sure doesn't show too much.
Get back on track with my course. It's interesting and fun and informative and I want to. This task has shown me that procrastination is NOT going to work. Not now, not ever at all. I am going to devise a plan for the exam on this one. It's sure looking like a deferral is appropriate.
Finish the Baptism stuff. Invites, favours, decor, attire. All accomplished except for the invites. The printer I bought to print the invites is a dud. I've contacted the company and am waiting for my replacement to be shipped. 5-7 working days prior to arrival. ACK! Plan B or C: find another printer, start spreading the word.
Read The Road. I read the first 50 pages and then put the book away. This is going to be a long winter read.
Complete knitting the remain purple yarn. Assess the size of the blanket and make a decision about what to do. Right, well, it sat on my bedside table and never got knitted. Tonight is a good night to pick it up and rock it out.
Plan and place the stamp club order. YES! I was hostess this month, too. Always a pleasant surprise for a bunch of awesome freebies. It also meant more decisions which were a snap. I pick the order up at the end of the week. YES! Scrapbooks and picture frames, here I come!
Kick off BE ME, organized and ready! Ultra success here. It's beyond cool. Fun group of girls. Great evening with my sister.
Hang the pics in the living room and the bedroom. If I knew how to hang a picture so that it looks leveled, this would've been a go. Since I don't, it was a no. Any tips...anyone?
Clean up the dreaded sock basket. UGH! 35% on this one. I've picked from the top. The rest are going to be swallowed by the dryer or whatever unknown monster lives in the laundry and eats sock matches.
Get to the mantle and the misc. basket. Nope, too many things. But it is in progress. That is what matters to me right now. By Christmas...maybe.
Put the tools away in the tool box where they belong. Every thing has its place and every place has its thing. Since the tools are on the mantle, this is a nope.
Keep planning Christmas. My gift bin is rolling and I'm happy about that. KaCHING!! I love Christmas. Love. It. LOVE. IT. I put so much thought into the gifts, the decor, the moments, the memories. Yes.
Hang my to do board. It's in the kitchen. For now, that's good for me.
Get Halloween in order. Costumes, candy, fun fun fun! It was a game time decision but Master Steven rocked out the fireman get up. The night was perfect. Crisp and cool with no snow. Just the way Halloween should be.

So long October! You were fun. See you again next year. Same time. Right here.

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