Wednesday, November 19, 2008


That's about how it's going lately. There are piles and piles of stuff that need attention. There are plans to be made, things to be mailed, computers to set up. Meh.
There are two beautiful children that are being loved wholly and I'm enjoying that more than any stuff that I could be busy with. They are at the top of my priority list right now and they are what matters most.
KNOCK! KNOCK! That's what I keep hearing at the door in my mind. I've peeked through the peephole and it's Christmas waiting to come in. I feel it coming. The sounds, scents, family, fun, and beauty of the season is coming to our house. Feel it. Live it. Be it. With the new addition this year, I've really been thinking about traditions. What are some of yours? I'm working on ours. I want these children growing knowing what they are. I want to know what they are. I'm not talking about the standard cranberry sauce and turkey kind. But rather, the special things, the little things that just add that extra little bit of special to the season. One of ours is Santa arriving and leaving a trail of little presents from the bedroom all the way down the hall leading up to the tree. Score one for Mommy and Daddy sneaking a few extra minutes in bed that morning. Score ten for sweet Steven who joyfully screams with each new discovery while rallying an elephant herd to bring it to our room and bounce on the bed while ripping the wrapping paper apart. Shake awake on Christmas day. Yes, love it all!
This weekend is creeping up on me. Tomorrow should include an adventure to pick up a print from this artist. LOVE her work. Brake pads are on the needed list. The installer is coming out this Saturday so I'd best move fast on this. There are just a few more must-gets for this Christmas on the gift list and I'd like to snap them up this weekend, too.
Ready? Meh.

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