Sunday, November 30, 2008

Recap: Mission - November

I certainly sucked at keeping the blog rolling this month. Let's have a peek at how my missions did.
Celebrate Kamila's Baptism. You bet we did. It was perfect. Beautiful. Fantastic.
Plan the next camera investment. I'm really trying here! I know the one that I want. I'm trying to find a "deal" and I'm trying to wait hoping the price might come down just a slice.
Print pictures. Print pics I did! Organized, semi-distributed, boxed, framed. Sweetness!
Prepare Christmas cards...WOO HOO! 50% here. I have the cards and the pics that go in the cards. The ones that need to be sent to Europe are stamped and ready for mailing (before the Dec 8 deadline...WOO HOO!).
Start the decorating. 'Tis the season! I absolutely have. The tree is up and twinkling in the window. The Father Christmas is out of the box and looking pretty right where I put him. Presents are already wrapped and arranged under the tree. Sugar cookie candles, manicure scrubs, pedicure scents, cinnamon pine cones, stockings...the list could keep going on this one.
Swap around the shoes and jackets to fit the season. Flip flops and strappy sandals need to go away for a while. Hmmm, I haven't worn any flip flops or strappy sandals this month. I haven't put them away either. Tackle this first thing in the morning.
Cycle through my clothes. If it's not being worn and not going to be worn again, thanks for being mine for a while but it's time to move out. OK, sort of. There are a few very nice pieces that I've passed along to people who I know really appreciate them. There is a whole bag full that still needs to be reviewed again. Am I really going to wear the stuff? Do I really need the stuff?
Bike for a minimum of 30 minutes every day. I will say Adios to at least 15 lbs before the calendar shows me another "30". 30 minutes every day was a stretch but I did get my tail up onto that seat a few times every week. 15 is a closer number to the lbs that are still attached to my ass rather than ones that I've said Adios to. I'm working on it. Slow and steady...remember the tortoise...
Holiday baking. Sugar cookies. Dream cookies. I'm going to see about snapping up Grandma Kay's recipe. Maybe I'm going to try butter tarts again. Marshmallow kisses. Google, watch out. I'm on this mission. Poop. I missed this one. It's all right, though. December is upon us.
Organize my course strategy. 20 hrs per week is essential. 'nuff said here.
Organize a 2009 calendar. Get those important dates up there. You bet I have. Cathedrals will showcase the important dates throughout the year. Important, of course, being birthdays, anniversaries, etc. NOT bills, pay days, etc.
Celebrate birthdays!!! Fantastic ones were had. Our niece, both our fathers, my sweet and wonderful friend. Birthdays are so much fun.

So that's the scoop. I think I've done well. Lots of fun, tonnes of beauty, a larger space in my heart is filled. Thanks November! I had a great time with you.

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