Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I looked through some pictures that I took this summer and I'm all about this one here. Since I'm the one behind the lens more than not, I've realized how much I like shadow shots and reflections. This was me and the kidlets on a walk to the park. The day was beautiful. Bright, sunny, warm, a mild breeze, I can almost feel it just thinking about the moment. Steven and I played a lot with our shadows. We had fun and I love that.
I'm gearing up for major Christmas mode. Christmas cards are bought. I'm looking for my stamps. I'm on a roll with present purchases. Gifts are waiting to be wrapped. I've bought a new table which may be morphed into a psycho wrapping station if I can pick it up in time. I LOVE wrapping presents. For me, wrapping sets the stage. Anything goes. I remember being young and looking at beautifully wrapped gifts, miles of curled ribbon, sparkles, beautiful bows and I'd wonder if I was the lucky one to be getting that one.
This morning I woke to a curve balling being thrown my way and that was all right. It made for an interesting start and a slightly desperate stop at Starbucks for a keep-going-kick. I ran errands, got things done, made some pretty super decisions, mini-golfed with the boys, and am kickin' back now. I'm going to be jumping into gear again very soon because I am on a roll.
Here we go, I'm ready.

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