Saturday, March 22, 2008

Law and other legal jazz

Once upon a time I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I was (am) good at debating, researching, remembering, and applying information to current situations. now that i'm sitting here listening to audio lectures for my business law course, i'm glad i chose a different career path. The material is relatively interesting but the hokey-pokey, in-out, usually-sometimes-maybe, no, it's not for me. At least not intensively anyways.
I finished reading The Footprints of God by greg Isles. Great book to read during lent. It daubles into the Catholic religious beliefs of this time of year but isn't too overwhelming. All in all artificial intelligence was the idea and WHOA did it make me more aware. Immortality at an expense. It was the first book of his that i've read and i will read another.
I've shifted gears and jumped into Jodi Piccoult's Salem Falls. 100 pages and so far, GREAT! It's keeping me up at night and i'm loving it. At least it's something that fills the otherwise boring moments of staring into nothing.
I'm also workign through Birthing From Within. The journal i created the other day is for this book. It has me fascinated. Focus on what's inside, what is inside your heart and soul rather than just on what doctors say happens and is normal. Explore and develop an internal preparation. Ready? I'm working on it!
I've also just bought A New Earth. Stay tuned for updates as i embark on that next adventure.
I am wishing the world a Happy Easter. What are some of your traditions? In my family, someone always buys my grandma an Easter Lilly which opens beautifully just in time for Easter Sunday. I'm looking for some not-so-common-but-cool traditions to kick up into my home.

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