Wednesday, March 19, 2008


What absolutely beautiful warm sunshine we have today. It's spectacular!

Steven played hookie from nursery today. He didn't sleep well last night and, to be honest, neither did i. So, when we woke this morning and he said he didn't want to go i was ok with being me and him home together today. Plus we would have already been running late. It's been such an enjoyable day.

We played some virtual mini golf this morning. He is definitely a competitor. I can't imagine where he would get that from {see: me avoiding eye contact, whistling, trying to change the!}. We went for a walk together and had a marvellous time. It wasn't a long or a far walk but it was us together out in the fresh air. It was nice.

I've done a few loads of laundry with more in progress right now. It's actually less daunting than i thought. With the laundry task under control, i've started to plan a clothing reorganization so i have a better (more realistic) idea of what's staying, what's being passed along, and what's clean out going gone.

The brain choas is still what it is but i'm focused on taking things one small step at a time. It's helping me to better deal.

I started studying one of my courses yesterday. It was good. Me, my texts, my binder, my computer, my couch, some music, the dog. More of that still to happen later today.

A few missions for today:
Mission: Keep plugging at the laundry. 2 mandatory loads stilll to do. Anything more is gravy.
Mission: Water the plants. They are beginning to look beautiful again with the sunshine that is touching them.
Mission: Pick up the bags that are laying around the living room. I'm still trying to understand how they got to where they are.
Mission: Grab the camera and play some. Potential for pics in the post tomorrow :)

Until the next one, i'm Ready.

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