Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hello Life

Let's start living - really living. Not existing or flitting from one moment to the next or even silently shifting gears. Let's embrace this day the world has given us to live.

I've got a cloudy mind. My mind feels bruised. Many things swirling around seeming out of order, twisted, and tangled. I'm READY today to start sorting out the mumble jumble in there. I'm putting my plan to paper so i can have a focus point instead of just a bunch of swirling info, some of which is screaming for attention.

Already this morning i've put pictures into frames. I'm on a mission to find the other pictures i can't quite remember where i put. I've finished cutting out the beautiful paper i picked up for a journal. Mission: finish that mini project up this afternoon. What's the journal for? Life. A place to jot down little ideas, thoughts, worries, wonders. Do you have a place for this?

Laundry is screaming at me. It is beginning to look like the clothes in my house have a really gross flu bug and are vomitting everywhere. Mission: get laundry to laundry room to be sorted and started. Two loads, just two simple loads, washed, dried, folded AND put away. That's a goal for today.

I found that there is still a big tub of {i can't believe i'm saying this} Christmas stuff sitting out. Mission: get tub to basement storage with the rest of the Christmas stuff. Christmas, as much as i love you, i like that you only come around once a year.

Immediate Mission: pick up Steven from preschool.

I'm off running. I'm ready.

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