Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy July!

Crappers! A whole half year has flown by. While we were dating my husband used to tell me the older you got the faster the days, months, years went by. I used to laugh at him and make some comment about being crazy or something like that. Now i have to admit i think he may be on to something. I can remember so many moments in the past number of years that feel as though i'm living them in the present only to realize it was "2 years ago" or "8 years ago" or something ridiculous like that. Humbling.

I've devoured For One More Day by Mitch Albom. What a wonderful story! A quick and easy read that invokes the mind long after the covers are closed. Facing a current familial situation where choices have led to the breakdown of otherwise significant relations, the echoes from the story resonate in my ears. Too often we miss the second chances that Life throws at us. Mitch's story sends an awakening message to embrace every opportunity and live in love rather than with guilt riding right up on our shoulders. A must read!

Next in line: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Stay tuned.

I'm on a fantastical creative whirlwind. I've begun knitting a blanket for the little miracle that is not-so-secretively tucked in my belly. I've been toying with announcement ideas. I've been hammering our things i've wanted to try for many moons. Now if only i could be less afraid of my sensational cameras. :)

I've been on a cleaning, organizing, minimizing frenzy. Nesting? Who knows. I'm kicking things up into high gear and racing through the piles of stuff i have left.

Let's go, i'm ready!

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