Monday, April 7, 2008

Sneak peek

That was the biggy on the agenda today. A sneak peek into waterworld. The cushy heaven that is swelling my belly and growing our new baby. Mr. Steven came along and was super duper good. The first swirl of images showed him "bubbles" in my tummy. Then he grew concerned because there were "worms" in there. As the technician checked out the little one's spine, Steven looked at the screen completely grossed out by the "snake" inside. To ice the sweet cake, when the baby's heart fluttered onto the screen, Steven's eyes lit up in amazement by the "butterfly" that i had tucked away in there. Just to cap off the experience with a cherry, when the tech measured up the heartbeat, the peaks and valleys of the beats showed on-screen in bright fire-orange which, naturally, led my darling to believe that there was a "fire" burning in there. The precious eyes of a child. Experience the world as you've never done so before!

Everything looks a-ok and the family tree will sprout it's new branch about August. YES! i'm terrifically excited.

This did put into perspective that i have four months left to get everything in order. What is everything? well, i need to figure out what i need. i know what i have but am lost when i'm trying to figure out what's left that i need. i know that i need to get moving on the nursery. Seriously, there is furniture that needs to move out. There is a very beautiful, very special dress hanging in that closet that needs to find somewhere better to be. there is a truck full of junk that needs to just go away. if it's b.r.o.k.e.n, what am i keeping it for? there are big decisions that need to be made rather quickly.

Tuesday Mission #1: Make decisions about that room!
Tuesday Mission #2: Catch up on school work that i'm quickly falling behind on. I took three days off because Life just caught up with me over the weekend and now i'm feeling overwhelmed that i may well be playing catch up again.
Tuesday Mission #3: Have a coffee with my sister. Maybe even pop into a bookstore with her for a stroll.

Rip and ride, i'm ready!

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