Friday, April 11, 2008

Time out.

That's what today needs...a time out. Straight up and simple. It feels like i've been running since the moment i got up. It feels like i've spent the better part of the week running.
I bought new shoes - a long overdue purchase for me. Of course they don't fit quite right but that's only because they don't yet have the comfort of my perfect worn in pair (READ: Falling Apart) that i've now thrown out.
I have started crafting a beautiful blanket for the nursery. I need to figure out how to put it all together; that is, how to hammer out my vision for it into reality. I'll post pics once it's finished. I've picked up a few things i know we are absolutely going to need for the little one (diapers). I caught a great clear out sale and picked up a couple things that we might need and that i'll be able to pass along if we don't. The excitement is incredible.
We're again faced with the decision of what to call this new person once they arrive in the oxygen world. Perhaps the extra challenge this time is we need to decide a name for both a boy and a girl as I chose not to find out what's tucked away inside me but rather save the surprise. The way i figure, there are so few surprises in Life today, why rush one that is so normal and natural?
The weekend is looking normal. Nothing extraordinary planned. A tab of laundry, a touch of household chores, a sprinkle of rubbish removal, a few projects that need tying up, and a whole lot of hands on family time with my bunch.
Let's rock the weekend. I'm Ready!

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