Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Top of the Day to You.

The night was as anticipated. We were up and we slept and at 7 we decided to just be up. We being Kamila and me. Steven is still snug away in Dreamland. Thank goodness one of us is doing well!
This morning we created a list of things that we must get. I stole a shower while Missy May steamed in the awesome mist. I have a cup of Go Juice that is just waiting to be swallowed. I've cracked open the windows in the bedrooms just a slice to allow the Sick Fairy an escape route. I've cycled through my must-reads and am now thinking of moving the computer to the new desk my brave friend brought over last night. Let me mention that she was aware of the state of disarray and the potential of the Sick Fairy following her home. Everyone is getting fair warning before walking into this place.
Since I seem to have almost completely lost my voice...=insert a brief pause for the crowd clowns to comment and laugh =...There may be a few projects that I want to tackle. I see a couple cameras winking at me wanting to be let out of the cages/cases I keep them in.
Middle-of-the-Week-Wonder-Day, let's work together please. Keep it simple for me and I'll rock it out!

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